Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My drapery creations....

Well many of you have seen my apron creations. I think I've mentioned that I first started sewing when I was 10. My mom had gotten a new sewing machine and I asked if I could have her old "Signature" sewing machine from Montgomery Wards. Boy, am I dating myself. Well before I knew it, I was sewing matching outfits for my two friends and myself. Matching Hot Pants outfits in three different colors. That was a sight! Well as the years passed I was sewing all my clothes. After college I managed Jo-Ann fabrics. Not such a good job if you love fabric but need your check to pay the bills. I was always buying something, not able to pass up a bargain. I left Jo-Ann' right before I became a MOM. I have always had a home based business and for the past fifteen years I have had a custom drapery business. I do all the design work.Over the years things have gotten busier, I now have a few women who help me with the sewing. I love the creative aspect of my job, and being my own boss is wonderful. I thought I would share some of my latest creations with you....
The photo isn't the best. The windows were 20 feet high. That is one problem with the new houses, everything is so tall. It makes the installation difficult. I could not fit the entire window in the lens of my camera. There is also another small window to the right of the large center window. It is exactly like the window on the left.

Here is a detailed photo of the top of the window treatment. The swag was 4 feet deep and had beautiful ribbon bullion trim. The tassels were also made out of ribbon with beads. We mixed a wonderful chenille floral with silk plaid drapery panels. I Love plaids!
This client was great to work with. She wanted a cottage look and we had four different coordinating prints to work with. She loves floral fabric so that was the main component of the draperies. The window treatment was finished off with a crystal beaded tassel fringe with matching tassels. This treatment was placed in the nook eating area.
Just adjacent to the nook was the formal dining area. We incorporated the large stripe fabric for the top of the drapery panel.
I have been blessed to be able to have a homebased business while my two boys have been growing up. This has afforded me the opportunity to be there when they need me and not miss out on the many wonderful moments in their lives. I have also been able to use the talents of sewing and creativity in a job that I love to do. What a blessing.....

"When people go to work, they shouldn't have to leave their hearts at home."


Kathy - mom of many said...

Your designs are beautiful. My oldest daughter recently attended an interior design course in Texas. You don't take any proteges do you? :)
She blogged about it here


The Feathered Nest said...

My goodness Sherry!!! You are SO talented girl!!! I worked in a drapery work room once...ugh...we made some beautiful things but I almost broke the door down trying to get out of that job! I just love your work ~ gorgeous!! xxoo, Dawn

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Sherry, I am sitting here in utter amazement! Your work is just gorgeous and you should be very proud of your achievements! It is not easy to sew large pieces like this! You are awesome!!


Sister in Christ said...

Hi sherry
I was so impressed by the heart and faith that you put into each fabric creation. I was encouraged to read more about you. I was quickly disappointed when in your personal profile that you mixed your Christian faith with astrology. We are called to be witnesses in all we do. Please accept this note as a nudge of gentle encouragement to remove the astrology part of your profile it will make you even more beautiful than you already are!!

Your Sister in Christ


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