Monday, March 25, 2013

Lamp Makeover

Do You Remember
this bedroom canopy from  The Tea Castle display? 

Recently it was being donated to an auction for the 
Macomb Charitable Foundation.
I wanted to add a few accessories 
to be donated along with the canopy.

A cute girly lamp would be perfect.
Not wanting to spend much, and with a vision in mind, 
I headed to the thrift store!

Sometimes you're just lucky what you find...
and lucky I was!

Doesn't look like much but remember,
I had a vision in mind!

A lampshade for .99 cents and it was Pink.
Couldn't ask for better than that!

Can you see the price???
Yep, $2.99

The lamp got a quick makeover with some cream spray paint!

I searched through my stash for some trim.  
Found some pretty trim with pearls on it 
and  hot glued the trim to the lampshade.

 I added some pretty shimmer tulle and a BIG bow to the shade.  
Gotta love a glue gun, it makes things so quick & easy!

A little green and pink paint was added to the lamp.

And Here It Is....
My $3.98 Lamp transformation!

It was the perfect touch for the auction....

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Special Wedding Cake

Ever say "I CAN do that !" 
and then wonder, "What was I thinking???"

Yep, that was me. 
My very good friend Shelly's daughter was getting married.
It was a BIG wedding.  
600 guests and I volunteered to make the wedding cake 
as a special gift.

It wasn't to far fetched for me to make this offer.  
About 15 years ago I had a wedding cake business,
but since then I have only done 2 wedding cakes.

Times have changed
 and wedding cakes have gotten much more elaborate!
Have you ever seen an episode of Cake Boss or Cake War?
Then you know what I am talking about.

I started to agonize over the cake.  
Since I was a guest at the wedding 
I wanted it to be perfect.

The bride only had a few requirements...
Buttercream Frosting...
A Monogram on the cake...
Each tier of the cake had to have a different design..
The tiers of the cake had to be square...

So here's the process and the finished cake...

I rented this pretty cake stand.

Next step, the monogram.
I used a wooden disc to cut a template.

 Fondant was used to make the disc for the monogram.

I printed out some different font styles for the monogram.

Here's the font I decided to use.

To get the exact size of the monogram
I placed the disk on the unfrosted cake.

I lightly traced the monogram onto the fondant
then filled the letters in with Royal icing.

It took a few tries but finally got it to work out.

I ordered this gold rhinestone ribbon  from HERE
 to add some glam to the cake.

Layer by layer the cake started to come together....

Each layer had a different design....

Once delivered to the reception hall 
fresh flowers were added to the cake.

With a sigh of relief the cake was done.
I couldn't wait to put on my dancing shoes 
and celebrate at the wedding!

It was a perfect wedding.
Shelly's attention to detail was unbelievable.
The next morning I relaxed with a cup of coffee
 and a BIG slice of Cake!
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