Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lampshades for the Master Bedroom...

The furniture painting continues. 
 I am hoping to have all the painting done by the end of next week.
One of the nightstands is ALMOST complete,
 it just needs the hardware.
My husband has been putting up with no lampshades
 on the lamps for about two months now.
He's a patient guy when I am in the middle
of one of my decorating ventures. 
 This past weekend  he said,
"Do you think we can get some lampshades".

When this happens I know he has had enough.
I had picked up two lamps
 from the Restoration Hardware outlet.
 The lamps did not have any lampshades
 (I'm sure that is why they were at the outlet).
I headed over to Marshalls and found two lampshades
 in the clearance aisle for $10.00 each.
Here's what they looked like.

Nothing special.
I had envisioned a linen fabric shade.
I didn't like the fabric on them, but not to worry...
I'll just recover it. 
 It's easy to do. 
 If you haven't seen my video on recovering a lampshade
it's on my sidebar, or go HERE to watch it. 
 I'll show you just how easy it can be.
I ordered a piece of linen fabric in the perfect color
 to match the bedding. 

I know it looks messy but just wait a minute,
I need to add the trim!

Much better!

I added some gimp trim and a wide flat braid trim
around the bottom and top of the shade.
The flat trim had a hint of the wall color.

Now for a sneak peek at the nightstands. 
Just a hint of what is to come...

A mirror that was antiqued and added to the top of the nightstand!

Do you see the new color of the furniture?

More photos of the master bedroom makeover to come.
For now I will be working hard to finish up this re-do,
and linking to.....

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