Saturday, March 28, 2009

A PINK Gift...For PINK Saturday...

Well it's PINK Saturday and I want to share a little treasure that I was blessed with this week. Do you ever find that some weeks bring more challenges than others? This was one of them for me. Life does have bumps in the road, and it is reassuring to know that I have a God who is walking with me. Sometimes even with faith, it becomes easy to get discouraged. I have been blessed to have some wonderful people in my life, to uplift me when I get discouraged.

That's where my friend Shelly comes in.... I taught a class this week on making "A Cloche". She was there. She arrived with a bag and a big smile, so excited to hand it over to me. As she did she said, "I hope you like this, I thought of you when I saw it". Right there my heart was touched. Just to have someone think of me during their day, was enough of a gift. Well this is what was in the bag and it's PINK...

How Sweet. She had seen these PINK small teacups and matching dishes on EBay and that's when she thought of me. She's my friend, and she knows I love PINK!

Aren't they Sweet? Isn't Shelly a sweetie.

I can't wait to bring them out next time a few friends are over.

The unexpected gift was wonderful, but the bigger gift was that my friend thought about me when they saw the PINK dishes and knew that I would LOVE them! THAT, is the true gift. If you love the color PINK head on over to How Sweet the Sound to enjoy other PINK Saturday posts! "A FRIEND is an angel sent to you by God".

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Simple Woman's Time Jourrnal....give Thanks

What one photo represents SIMPLICITY in your eyes? Visit "The Simple Woman's Time Journal" and join in the Simplicity of Life....

Monday, March 16, 2009

Aprons for my Etsy...

My friend Sharon at "My Vintage Studio" posted some wonderful St. Patrick's Day vintage photos. Isn't this a sweet photo. Check out her other wonderful vintage photos....

This week I've been "Hooked On", making aprons.

Over the past few weeks a couple of good friends have celebrated birthdays. This year I have decided to make them all aprons with matching dish gloves. It's been a BIG hit! I have had many of you ask if I will be selling more aprons on my Etsy. I have devised a plan to stock up on some aprons... Every time I make an apron for a gift, I purchase enough supplies to make an identical one for my Etsy shop. So I have three new aprons to show you. These are my sexy flirty aprons that will put a little skip in your step as you do your housework. I know I can use a little boost when I am doing my
"Domestic Goddess Thing"!
(click on photos enlarge)

Sorry sold as soon as it was posted...can be special ordered

My girlfriend always wears black and her kitchen has red walls so I thought this was the perfect combination of material. All the Flowers are detachable for laundering and the ties are long enough to tie in the front. That's how I like to wear my aprons! The dish gloves are embellished with a yo-yo that has a large button in the center.
Does this say, "Summer is on it's way, or what!" My friend's cottage has colors of Turquoise, lime green and yellow, so this is the combination of fabrics I choose. I just love how cheery it is, and a bit sexy also!
Matching gloves to make any household chore seem like a breeze!
Wonderful warm colors to go with another friends kitchen. I wonder if she'll wear the pearls when she's in the kitchen! I'm sure her husband would love that!
Sold right after posted...Sorry can be special ordered
The flower and the yo-yo's are embellished with vintage buttons.

Another girly.

A BIG YELLOW Gerber daisy!

I've posted these aprons on my Etsy Shop, stop by and take a look at them. I have a few more things to add to the shop this coming week. If you are looking for a custom apron order I would love to talk to you, just drop me a note. I'm hooked on aprons, what are you hooked on? Visit Hooked on Houses to see what others are hooked on. Wishing you a wonderful day. Spring is on it's way...and I can hardly wait to share my gardening apron with you!

God made rainy days so gardeners could get the housework done.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Pink Apron...For Pink Saturday!

Welcome to PINK Saturday! I've been busy this week sewing some aprons.I even added some new aprons to my Etsy shop. Spring sure sounds good right now. I took these photos outside and it's 20 degrees. So I am looking forward to spring and what says spring more than a HOT PINK apron and matching gardening hat. I finished this ensemble to donate to my son's school auction. The fundraiser is a fashion show and auction which is called "Signs of Spring", so I think this will be perfect. The winning bidder of this apron will definitely be in fashion while she plants her summer flowers. I may have to make one for myself!
I love PINK and PINK and lime green rick rack are a perfect combo.
I made the ties extra long so you could tie it in the front with a BIG bow. The flower is embellished with a vintage button. More lime green rick rack around the pocket!
The PINK flower can be removed for laundering. It even looks cute with the apron tied in the back.
Matching gloves for the garden is a must! The HOT PINK yo-yo adds the final touch of glam to this one of a kind outfit. You may have to wear your pearls if you are wearing an apron like this to Garden in!
Wishing you a wonderful PINK Saturday. Head on over to enjoy other "PINK Saturday" posts at How Sweet the Sound.
The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day he created Spring.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Ten Minute Makeover

My friend Shelly has been hooked on the ten minute makeover challenge. She has inspired me to take the challange and see what quick make over I can do in just ten minutes. It can be as easy are rearranging the items you display on your bakers rack.
Here are her before and after photos.
Now she's all set for Easter.
My ten minute makeover turned into about an hour, but it was simple and FREE. Yes, free! I was never quite happy with the table in my foyer. I love all the individual items on the table, but it was lacking something. Well with less than a yard of left over drapery fabric and 3/4 of a yard of two types of trim I began the transformation.
I decided to add a table runner. Since sewing is something I love to do, there was no cost involved. I added a coding to the sides of the runner and finished the ends off with some coordinating tassel trim. Boy am I glad I kept those tiny pieces of trim. It worked out perfectly. Here you can see the cording I used and my favorite trim with the glitzy mirror pieces. The fabric an embroidered faux silk and I added some crystal beaded strands around the moss ball. Can you ever have to much bling.
Here's my finished ten minute (one hour) makeover. Take a look around your house and see what you can change the look of. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or money. It will put a smile on your face and it's a wonderful feeling to know you did it all by yourself! Soon you will find yourself hooked on the idea of a quick makeover.
If you are interested in seeing what others are hooked on visit "Hooked on Houses" HERE. Have a wonderful day creating!
Use the hands that God gifted to you to create something wonderful...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Boys will be Boys...

This past weekend was my mom's birthday and I had a special dinner planned for her. I was wearing one of my favorite aprons as I prepared the meal. I had picked out the perfect apron to accessorize my outfit. If any of you love wearing aprons, you will know exactly what I am talking about. It just can't be any apron from your collection, it has to be an apron that coordinates with your outfit. So I found the perfect one...The black apron with large coral and pink flowers! Just before the guests were about to arrive both my sons said to me,"You're NOT going to keep that apron on, are you?" They already knew what my answer would be, because they always ask me this. "Yes, I am going to wear it", I replied. They both laughed at me and walked away. Minutes later, my mom arrived and I heard them both come bolting out of the laundry room laughing and wearing two of my aprons. They even had the matching dish gloves on! My oldest was wearing my apron from Apronology.
Here they are with my mom. We all had a big laugh. I couldn't miss the opportunity to take a few photos. When they saw the camera come out, they both said, "Oh know, she's going to put this on her blog. Don't smile when she takes the photo!" You better believe I was going to post it, so here it is. It was my mom's 69th birthday. Doesn't she look great! Here's a photo of all us kids with my mom. She was 26 in this photo. I can't imagine being 26 with four children. I didn't have my first son until I was 30. My mom has been such a blessing in my life. We had a wonderful evening celebrating her birthday. And I left my apron on ALL night! A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.
Enjoy the trip Mom!

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