Monday, February 28, 2011

A Baby Card...

Just sharing an idea for a handmade Baby Card.
Best part it's for a girl and it's PINK!
What could be better.

Found some scraps of paper in my "Stash Box".

 Added a Polka Dot PINK ribbon...

Plucked this flower from a spring time floral wreath...
Gotta have the rhinestone for the BLING!

Added this sweet poem to the inside of the card.
It's that simple and way better then spending $5.00 at the card shop!

The frame is from the Graphics Fairy. 
 She has some wonderful stuff!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Handmade Coasters for a Gift...

Recently I have taken up knitting.

 I like doing it, but I am frustrated.
I've started about FOURprojects!

You might say that's quite ambitious,
 but let me tell you why...
I am constantly making a mistake!
So when that happens,
 I need to set aside the project until I can ASK bother again, someone who can undo what I have knitted incorrectly.
  It is frustrating and I can't wait until the day
when I can fix my own mistakes.

Well, you ask what does this have to do with "Coasters"?
One of my "knitting friends" was having a birthday and I needed a quick gift for a get together.

Here's what I came up with...

Don't you just love the saying.  

I love the site
Just search for a specific subject and they will have a saying for it.
Actually it did not say "knitting" it said needlework. 
I just switch it! 

I found this wonderful frame HERE at the Graphics Fairy.
I did some work on my computer and  printed it off the image
 on some scrapbooking paper.
I had purchased these ceramic tiles
 and with a little bit of Mod Podge I had my gift.

Made a cute matching gift bag...

Since it was all about "KNITTING"
I thought I would use some fun yarn to embellish the bag.

This PINK Frame was also from the Graphics Fairy!

Like the PINK leopard ribbon bow?

I finished it off by cutting some squares of cork
and gluing them to the back of the coasters.

Wrapped them with more pretty yarn
and added a girly flower petal and

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

Last week while visiting EAB Designs 
 I found a wonderful Free Valentine Printable.

I knew right then this would be a gift for my sweet husband. 

It's titled, "How Do I Love Thee?"

There are 12 cards and you can fill in why you love your sweetie....

I waited till my hubby was in bed and then went out to his car.
I wanted him to get the surprise on his way to work.

I hung it from his review mirror.
Then I knew he couldn't miss it!

I added a few embellishments.  I couldn't make it to girly.
I punched a hole so I could insert a jump ring to hold all the cards.
A plaid ribbon with a little heart was attached to the ring.

OK... Maybe a bit to frilly, but OH WELL... 
I couldn't help myself!

I also  added a button for a bit more embellishment.

I also made some red velvet truffles today. 

 I found a free water bottle printable HERE.
  I decided to use them as labels for the package of truffles.

I put the truffles in the heart lunch bag. 
After I folded the lunch bag,
 I punched two holes to attach my ribbon. 

 You didn't think I was going to forget to add rhinestones,
did you?

Tomorrow I'm off for some surprise deliveries to some friends.
  I thought they would look cute hanging on the front door.

Just a little label added to the back.
 Now they will know who the tasty treat is from.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes for my Sweeties....

Looking for a cute treat to make someone special?
I found these cute cupcake printables HERE.
So today I decided to be creative  avoid doing some housework.
Cupcakes sounded good to me and I know that
the guys will love having a tasty treat!

I used one of my circle punches to cut out the cupcake toppers.

Notice the cupcake wrappers? 

My good friend Sharon gave me those as a gift. 
 I was meaning to make some for myself,
 but never got around to it.
  If you're anything like me,
 I'm sure you can relate to my on going list of creative projects!

I mixed up some frosting
and added some PINK food color for the upcoming
Valentines Holiday.

The cupcake looks a bit lop sided.
  But just wait...  Like everything it needs some embellishements!
The cupcake liners sure are pretty.
Sharon used some beautiful scrapbooking paper. 
 She made me about 50 of them!

Want to make some yourself?

Head over to Skip to My Lou for a free printable download.


I used a large cake decorating star tip to put the frosting on.
Then added PINK sprinkles.
Gotta LOVE the PINK.

I think we need a bit of BLING.
OH Ya... bring out the rhinestones.

Now there you go!

Never can have to much glitz...

I'm sure the men in my house won't be thrilled,
 but I LOVE the look!

I covered them up with the glass dome
so I wouldn't be tempted....

They're all ready for my "Three Sweeties" to come home and enjoy!

Sharon was coming by today
to lend me some of her expert painting advice. 
I thought I would make her a little "thank you treat" to take home.
I love these metal plates I found at the Dollar Tree.  
Yes, they are a $1.00 and come in all different sizes. 
They are wonderful to put a special treat on.  

I even made the cupcake wrappers for the cupcakes.
Now I can mark that off my "Creative To Do List"!


These were pretty easy and boy did I feel domestic today.
I used a cake mix....But my three Sweeties don't need to know that!

If you get a minute take a look at this wonderful camera bag.
This would be perfect for my new camera I got for Christmas.
(Which is still in the box unopened!)

They have beautiful bags and they are having a giveaway.
 Go HERE to check it out...

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tissue Box Makeover...

Yesterday was a BIG snow day here in Michigan. 
 I spent the day hibernating and trying to keep warm.
I had lots to do, but was avoiding doing it.
Have you ever done that?

The list was long.
  I found lots to do except what needed to be done.
It was just one of those days.
I think we all have them.
Here's one of my projects which I completed
(instead of doing what I should have been doing).

Notice the tissue box on my laundry counter?

 O.K.  it's just an ordinary tissue box,
but since I redecorated the laundry room
HERE  it has been bugging me to have it sit on the counter.

I know that a lot of you are thinking to yourself 
"She's a little nuts and way to picky!"

I admit it's silly, but it bugged me.

So instead of tackling my "TO DO LIST",
I decided to do something fun.

A tissue box makeover.
I hunted through my scrapbooking paper and left over wallpaper. 

I had purchased a roll of wallpaper
for my computer cabinet makeover HERE.

This would be perfect paired with some leopard print paper.

Ready to see?

I feel so much better.
Silly I know...

I added a pretty ribbon that I picked up on clearance after Christmas.  The button is from Wal-Mart. 

I love these buttons.

Whenever I'm at Wal-Mart, I take a trip to the sewing department and pick up a few of these buttons.
I have used them for so many projects. 
 They are about $1.20!

I just hot glued the ribbon and the button on.

Here's How I made the cover....
*I made the box out of foam core board.

  •   Measure the actual Kleenex box.
  •  Cut each side about 1/2' larger.
  •    Tape all four sides together.
  • Cut a piece for the top. 
  •  Cut a rectangular section out of the top piece.
  • Cover the top section with decorative paper.
  • Cover the box with the wallpaper or decorative paper.
  • Glue the top to the box.

It's that Easy!

This would look great in a bathroom.
I may not have gotten to my "TO DO LIST"
but I sure do have a nice looking tissue box.
Some days you just gotta have fun!

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