Thursday, July 29, 2010

Turn an Invitation Into a Card.....

I mentioned that we had LOTS of baseball this summer, we also had lots of graduation parties.  I love getting graduation pictures, but somehow they get stuffed in a drawer at the end of the summer and then I feel guilty. 

 How many of these cards have you received in the past?

Here's an idea of taking the photo
and turning it into a graduation card
that will hold your gift for the new graduate...

Next time you receive an invitation, think about turning the picture into a graduation card for the new graduate.
Here's a few more cards I made for the new graduates...

This was my friend Denise's son who graduated this past June...
I have a large box of small pieces of scrap book paper left over from past projects. The small pieces of left over paper work great for this smaller project.  I always try and select paper that coordinates with the school colors.

Here's what the inside of what the card looks like. 

This graduation invitation had three different photos. 
 I decided to use all three. 

I also added a bit of glitz with the rhinestone and iridescent shred.
I love doing girly cards! For the front of the card,  I print off a graduation saying and add a bit of gold paint. 

*Here's a tip... I have different word document files saved on my computer.  Each file has different sayings for different occasions.  When creating the file I type out the saying and then change it up by selecting different fonts for different words.  This creates a more decorative look.  When it's time to create the card I just print out the saying that I have saved.

Here's Andrew's card....

I always use a ribbon that coordinates with the school colors.

A few more creative ideas....

I also love polka dots so this is a favorite. 
 This is my friend Rose's daughter....

There are so many other designs you can make with these photos.  Last year I shared more ideas HERE
   I changed this one up a bit also....

I really enjoy making handmade cards.  No matter what the occasion, it's always fun to get a personalized handmade card.  I hope I inspired you to create a personalized card.  Next time you get an invitation think of how you can turn it into a special gift.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Pretty Treasure....

Where have I been?
Here's a hint.....

It's summer time and summer means lots of baseball at my house. 57 games in the last seven weeks. When you have that many games there is little time for anything else! Boy have I missed blogging. This week brings the end to travel baseball, so I have some time to get re-acquainted with my computer and say hello to all of you who I have missed blogging with.

  I'm always looking for a  "wonderful furniture find" at the local thrift store.  I know that my partner Sharon at the Tea Castle can work her magic and transform the treasure into something a little girl will love .

I had to take a picture of the price.  Can you believe it?
The final cost was $9.99!

Now for the transformation.....

I don't do any of the decorative painting.  I guess I could put the white coat of paint  on the furniture, but as for anything else that is not my gift.  Now I can sew, so I was in charge of recovering the chair seat. After I completed the seat, I decided to add a pretty PINK tulle bow.

Here's the pretty pink flowers that were added to the desk top.

Sharon found the perfect PINK crystal knob for the drawer. 
The funny thing is the knob cost as much as the desk! 
 Sometimes it's the tiny details that make the project perfect.

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