Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sweet Dreams ......

What do I like most of all about my "REAL" job?

The opportunity to be creative.
I love to create.
Being able to  be creative while working at my
is something that I am very fortunate to be able to do. 

Here is one of my absolute favorite rooms I created for a client...

This was done for one of my favorite client's daughters.
I have done almost every room in their beautiful house.
She is a client who I now consider a friend.
I always enjoy having her call with the next project.

I designed and made everything except the bedspread.

The canopy with crown required a total of 40 yards of fabric. 
We used a soft ivory and pale lavender dupioni silk
for the  panels and crown. 
 Between the ivory and lavender silk
we used interlining to make it more luxurious.

Lots of beaded trim was used to embellish the crown
and leading edge of the panels.

The pillows were made from an additional bedspread and coordinating fabrics.

In addition to the bed,
 I designed a window treatment for the large bay window.

The cornice was covered by shirring on the lavender silk fabric.

I added a triangle swag edged with the beaded trim.
The swag was attached by using two decorative drapery finials.

The dressing table needed a bench.
She wanted it to be like an upholstered piece of furniture.
I had never made one before,
but what the heck,
 I would give it a try.....

Not bad for a first attempt!

I decided to make a plywood box  with a top on it.
Then I just covered the entire box with the fabrics.
 I added a thick piece of foam on top,
covered it with fabric and added some buttons.

The other day I got a call from my friend "the client" ...
Her youngest daughter just graduated
and decided to live at home while going to school.
She wants a room just like her BIG sister....

Can't wait to get started!

I'll share photos when the job is complete.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Lampshade Facelift....

Do you have a wonderful lamp 
that has just an ordinary Lampshade?

You can change that with some fabric and trim.

My friend Shelly had that exact problem.

Take a Look...

Nice Lamp..... Ordinary Lampshade... 

It took about an hour.
What a face lift!

I searched my drapery fabric stash and came up with this combo.
I knew there was a reason I save all these small scraps.
Two different fabrics and three different trims,
gives this lamp a one of a kind look.

I love how the light shines through the fabric.

The loop trim finished off the lower edge of the shade.

Here's another one of shelly's "not so special" lampshades.

The lamp was really cute...
The lampshade not so much....

Here's another fabric and trim combo.

Take a closer look...

I delivered them to Shelly and she smiled!
She has a beautiful home.

It was the perfert touch
for the lampshade....

She had two of these lamps and I covered both lampshades.
Here's the other one....

I love the way it reflects in the set of mirrors....

Here's the other lamp,
sitting in it's new home.

Do I have you thinking
about changing any lamp shades in your house?

You can do it!

You'll be suprised how easy this can be
and the final result will give you a one of a kind look
 that you will LOVE.

I have enterered these one of a kind lampshades int the
"Crafting with the Stars" contest. 
Stop by and Check it out.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Day of School Tradition

The FIRST day of school is special at our house.
It's a yearly tradition....
A special sign to start the school year  off with some HOOPLA...

Yesterday, my youngest son said,
"Did you start the special sign for school yet?"

I tried to look bewildered,
 not wanting to let on that I knew what he was talking about.

The sign was made and ready to be hung.
I always wait till they go to bed and then hang it.
That way it's a suprise
when they come into the kitchen in the morning.

Hard to believe my youngest is a SENIOR!
He wanted to wear his new glasses today.

Dad even got in on the picture taking this morning!

This morning, 5:45 came WAY to early for me!
I had a hard time falling asleep,
just knowing that we had to be up early for school. 
No time to curl my hair or put on makeup.

Sometimes you just can't miss a Kodak moment
even though you don't look so great!

It's not to late to suprise your kids with a fun
"First Day of School" sign.

Have one ready for when they hop off the bus!

It's sure to put a smile on their face
and you'll have your own Kodak Moment!

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