Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day...Sometimes we forget to say Thank YOU.

Yesterday's message at church was about Fathers. It was a great message about respecting your husband and three things men want to hear from their family. One thing was "Thank You". In my busy life, many times I over look saying these simple words. Today I wanted to make sure I said thank you to my husband, for being a great dad and husband. We had a nice day visiting with my husband's family. I wanted to make a special Fathers day card just for him. Card making is something I love to do. I love to spend time creating something that that can be saved for years to come. I wanted the words to be "my thoughts and words" that were just for him. I used the theme of "Thank You" from church last night. My two boys and I each wrote him a note in the card specifically saying thank you for certain things that my husband does for us. Things we may take for granted. My boys did a great job letting their dad know just how thankful they are. Teenage boys sometimes overlook these things and it meant a lot to my husband to have them tell him how much he is loved by them. He's a great husband and father... He is a blessing to our family and to each of our lives. God has truly blessed us by having him be the leader of our family.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Swaps are mailed off...

Three aprons...Three Swaps..... What was I thinking when I signed up for three apron swaps the last week of school. This time of year always gets so busy with the end of the school year happening, countless baseball games and graduations. Between work and other commitments I was able to finish these three aprons for the swaps. I hope my partners like them. I received my apron from Sharla in Arizona today. It was from the Feathered Nest Apron Swap. What a nice surprise to see the package when I got home. I just loved the apron and the colors. Well I better catch up on the laundry, it's been piling up while I was sewing!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Apronista's First Apron Swap....Here's What I Made...

RIC-RAC and a few extras.... After viewing who my partner was this is what I came up with for the swap. The apron could pass for a sundress if only it had a back to it!!!! I started with the big hot pink flower and then found the perfect pattern. I had to accessorize the "outfit" with a purse and gloves. Every sundress needs matching gloves and purse to pull the outfit together. Now when my partner is washing dishes she can be sure that she is the best dressed housewife in town!

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Sassy Apron Swap.... It's on it's way...

Well the theme was summer… and the apron had to have an embellishment. I liked the combo of the bright green plaid, the stripe an the fruit and flower print all done in a seersucker fabric. As for the embellishment, I used a pink ric-rak and “topped” it off with a large straw hat with matching fabric and a BIG pink flower. Now, that is what you can call an embellishment!!! I was excited to make it for my swap partner. Her name is Sherry also, and it’s spelled just like my name. Her blog is. I wanted to find out about her before I picked the fabric, so I read her blog. She has a wonderful ministry and she has such a heart for the Lord. I was really touched by reading about her. I was glad I had been blessed with the opportunity to make her this apron. I hope it brings a smile to her face, just as it did mine when I mailed it to her last week!

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