Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Easy Snow Covered Pinecones

The porch is decorated.  This year I decided to switch it up a bit.  For the past couple of years here is what the porch looked like. 

This year I used some fresh porch pots that were made of fresh evergreens and with large birch branches and smaller red branches.  Change is Good and here's the new look.

  I wanted to add some pinecones that looked like they had a dusting of snow on them. At the store  they were quite pricey, so I scowered the internet to find out how to 'Do It Yourself".  I had only an two  hours before the guests were arriving so I had to move quickly.  Most of the PINS on Pinterest were to labor intensive for the time I had available.  So I improvised,  and here's the what I came up with.

All you need to make these are: pinecones, white paint, craft paint brush and Epsom Salt.  I made a quick video to show you exactly what to do.  Take 2 minutes to watch and you too can make about 20 of these in 10 Minutes.
 There's lots of creative ways you can use these pretty pinecones.  Would love for you to share with me how you decorate with pinecones. 

 If you have any questions leave me a comment!

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