Sunday, September 27, 2009

Make an Ordinary Light Something Special....

Welcome to "Do It Yourself Day". I wanted to share with you another light transformation. I posted HERE last week about transforming a lampshade, now I want to share with you a few things you can do to change up a light fixture. A few years ago I had purchased this light fixture from Home Depot for my kitchen. I loved the finish and it was the style I was looking for, only problem... It had no BLING to it. Take a look for yourself.
I don't think there is a single lampshade in my entire house, that I have not added some type of trim to. When you add trim, you can make the lampshade coordinate with your room's decor. So that's exactly what I did, I added some trim with black and gold to match the accents in my kitchen. It's quite easy, just hot glue the trim right to the edge of the lampshade. In minutes it's a whole new look. Next step was to add some garland I picked up at Michaels Crafts. They currently have it in stock with all the fall decorations. I couldn't stop at the garland, I also added the beaded garland to give it that bling. Even though it's my kitchen, I wanted it to have a bit of a chandelier glam. Here's a close-up of the trim I glued on with the lights off.... Now with the lights on.... I added a ceiling medallion painted white to match my trim work. The final touch, a fabric sleeve made out of some gold silk fabric to cover up the chain. These are so easy to do, and really change the look of your lighting fixture. I have also done this to my dining room and foyer chandeliers. If your light is already up, you can still do this without taking down the light. Just cut a piece of fabric about 6" wide and 2.5 times longer than the length of the chain. Press under one of the long edges 1/2". Put the fabric around the chain by using two faced fabric tape, that you can purchase at the fabric store. Before you know it, you'll have a new look with very little cost or work! Now my regular light fixture has been transfromed... I originally added the garland for the fall, but it's going to stay up all year long! I just Love the beads.... They glisten when the light is on. (close up of the garland and beaded trim) Take a look around your house. Maybe you have a light that you could change form just ordinary, to EXTRA ordinary! I'm linking this post to a few other wonderful sites come and visit:

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A Birthday Treat...

A few weeks ago it was one of my good friend's Birthday. I sent over a yummy treat to let her know I was thinking about her. I wanted to share this idea with you. A little bit of chocolate that will dress up any kind of cupcake.
(I sprinkled edible glitter on top of the frosting for a special touch)
Next time you are making cupcakes for home, the bake sale or even to take to a friend, why not add these easy pieces of chocolate candy?
Thinking you can't do this? Think again, it's easy and doesn't take much time. Take a look at the siver tray I placed the cupcakes on. The "Dollar Tree" sells these wonder silver metal plates. They come in different sizes. Add a pretty white doily and they look like you spent way more than a $1.00!
After I arranged the cupcakes on the silver platter they looked nice, but I wanted them to look special for my friend Maggie. A little saying about FRIENDSHIP and a little vintage photo adorned with a flower petal and ribbon did the trick. Now my yummy gift was ready to be delivered.
Let me share with you a few tips on making the chocolate pieces to
top your cupcake treats with. The chocolate I use can be purchased at the local grocery store. It is found right where the chocolate chips are in the baking aisle. It is call "Bark Chocolate". You can also use the Wilton chocolate disks that can be purchased at Michaels Craft Store or a cake decorating store. Just melt a 1/2 cup or so according to the directions on the package. I always use the directions for the microwave. Just a word of warning, take your time melting the chocolate. Don't rush it, or you will over cook the chocolate and then you will be starting completely over! Get a small zip lock sandwich bag and cut the tip off.
(When cutting the tip off, just cut a TINY bit off.)
Click to zoom on photo This is a nifty trick I use.... Place the plastic sandwich bag into a cup (like the photo below). This makes it easy to pour the melted chocolate into without creating a BIG mess.
Now put a piece of wax paper on a cookie sheet. Use cooking spray on the wax paper so that the chocolate does not stick to the wax paper. Now it's time to be creative. Just squeeze the plastic bag and the chocolate will come out of the tip. It's time to form your design. I make my design about 2"x2". Just squirt the chocolate across, back and forth, then up and down. There is no right or wrong. No matter what you do, it will look great in the end!
(Here's a close-up)
No two will ever look alike. Let them cool and harden. Be careful removing them from the baking sheet. They are fragile and can easily break. If this happens OH WELL..... It's chocolate just pop it in your mouth and continue! I use a metal spatula to lift them off. Then you can sick them into the frosting. It's that easy....
Now next time you make a batch of cupcakes, you can try this. A little bit of chocolate is bound to put a smile on someones face.
Hope the start to your week brings you may smiles....

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Lampshade Transformation...

Well it's Transformation Thursday and Do it Yourself Day, so I want to share with you may latest Do it yourself Transformation. Last week I got to spend the afternoon with a sweet friend who is a talented artist. She has blessed me with her painting talent and now I had the opportunity to return the favor. I was thrilled to do something for her. She had two buffet lamps that were beautiful, but the lampshades needed an update. Below is the lamp. While you are looking at the lamp take a look at the bookcases...Wonderful old books don't you think? NOT really... That's my friends wonderful artwork. The book cases and all the books are hand painted to look like real books. Isn't her work beautiful...
So out with the RED lampshade.... Let the transformation begin. Let me share with you some basic steps, so that you too can change your old lampshade into a custom, one of a kind lamp with lots of glitz!
First remove all the bias tape. You can just tear it off. Be careful. If it's hard to remove steam it a bit, this will soften up the glue. After the bias tape is removed, carefully cut away the face fabric. You will need to use this as a pattern so take your time. Be careful not to cut the lining. It isn't pretty, but just wait and see..... Here are the fabrics I selected for the new look. I have a wonderful stash of scrap fabric from my drapery business. The trim was a find at Hobby Lobby. This is the entire face fabric after I cut it off the lampshade. Cut one section off of the entire piece. This will be your pattern.
When cutting your new fabric, make sure you add 1/2 inch all the way around.
This lampshade required 4 pieces of each fabric. (There were 8 sections)
Use a HOT glue gun (not low temperature) to glue the first section on. Glue it directly to the metal ribs of the lampshade.
Trim away excess fabric and then glue the next section of fabric in place.
Continue until you have completed the entire lamp.
It can look quite messy at this point. Don't worry.
Next step is to add the gimp trim. Hot glue right over the seam where the two fabrics meet up.
Keep adding trim all the way around. It's starting to look better, don't you think?
Are you ready to see the finished lamp shade?
Just add some beaded trim around the bottom and finish it off with the gimp trim. I just love how the crystals on the trim shimmer in the light!

Here are the buffet lamps that are just little accents for the wonderful artwork that adorns my friends dining room walls. They just add a little extra sparkle.... (click on photo to enlarge and see a closeup of the bookcases) Do you see the cat in the bottom left bookcase? Next time you're thinking of getting rid of that old lamp, think again. A new lampshade with some glitz and sparkle may be all it needs. If you're looking for other Thrifty ideas pop on over to Thrifty Thursdays and see what everyone is talking about. On Friday stop by two sites that are filled with all kinds of things.

Wishing a you day filled with happiness.

Yippee...It Arrived Today in the Mail!

I walked in the house today and saw the package sitting on the counter. There it was, the NEW publication from Somerset Studios, "Haute Handbags". Before I even ripped open the package I began my "Happy Dance" around the house. I was totally making a fool out of myself, while my boys both yelled, "MOM...stop that, you're embarrassing us!" I didn't care.
I knew somewhere in the magazine was a photo of the purse I created. I had submitted the purse over one year ago and had forgotten about it. About five months ago I had received and email letting me know that my purse was going to be featured in the upcoming Fall issue of Haute Handbags. Quickly flipping the pages of the magazine, I found my purse on page 139.

(click to enlarge and see instructions)

I had gotten the wonderful image from Mind Wide Open during one of their monthly challanges. I just loved the sweet photo.

It's so exciting to see the photo and my name in print. Living in a house with all men, they cannot relate to me and how excited I got over the photo of the purse. I wanted to share it with all of you who love to create and enjoy "girly things". So I hope you understand my joy.

It is a beautiful magazine. It will be sold starting October 1st. Borders, Joann Fabrics and Michaels all sell the magazine. If you love purses and you love to create, this is definitely for you. So many women are "Hooked ON" purses. What are you Hooked ON? Stop by Hooked on Houses to see what others are Hooked On. Here are a few of my favorites that are featured in the new edition of Haute Handbags... I love this fun purse made of newsprint.... I'm encouraging you to take a risk. If you love to create take a chance and submit some of your work. It's worth it. Somerset Studios has many different publications. Click HERE to see some of the things that they are looking for. You never know, you may soon be doing the "Happy Dance" when the mailman stops by your house! Wishing you a day filled with happiness....
When we create, we show others the talents the Creator blessed us with...

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