Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's a Girl To Do?

Have you ever looked in your closet and said...
"I don't have anything to wear?"

Yep, that was me a few weeks ago.
I had a fundraiser to go to.
the invitation read... 
Wear your best "Tropical Attire".

So, the day of the party I decided to  quickly sew a dress!
What was I thinking???

It was almost 11:00 a.m the day of the party.

 When my husband heard me say,
I was going to "quickly"sew something
he reminded me lectured me,
that we had to be "in the car at 4:30 p.m.!"

The clock was ticking!!!!!

I had picked out this fabric at a recent
"JoAnn Fabrics shopping excursion" with me good friend Amy.

Looking through my patterns,
I found this pattern.
 I had been saving the pattern to make a sun dress
for my youngest son's high school graduation party this summer.

I figured this style would be perfect for the
"Tropical Affair".

I decided to change the shoulder straps
and use the ones found in this view.

A little bit more coverage.
It's still cool here in Michigan
and I haven't gotten my summer tan.

As always it took longer than I had anticipated!

As I frantically worked on the dress,
my husband kept coming in the sewing room,
 reminding me of the "count down" on the clock.

At one point we both burst out laughing! 
 He knows when I get these
 "hair brained ideas"
I get totally FRAZZLED!

Can you relate to this?????  
Well here's the dress....

I had a necklace that was the perfect accessory.

The bodice had some pleating at the bust. 
 Getting all the pleats to perfectly line up caused me a bit of grief!

Why is it that when I see other bloggers take photos of themselves,
they come out so much better?

Loved the pocket detail that this pattern had.

The fundraiser was lots of fun.
Next time I think I'll look in my closet ahead of time,
so I'm not saying...

"I don't have a thing to wear!"

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