Thursday, September 4, 2008

Do little boys ever grow up???

As I told you last week my baby is a senior in high school now. I think he is enjoying being "Top Dog" at the school. Well we needed to make a trip to Walmart to get the long list of school supplies. What an adventure. I think everyone in the area had the same idea. You couldn't get the shopping cart down the isle. Well as we passed by the isle with the lunch boxes my son shrieked with joy...There it was a SPIDER MAN old fashion lunch box. One of the metal ones that I carried years and years ago. He pleaded like a five year old, "Can I have it?....I've gotta get this!" I began to laugh. All through school he refused to carry a lunch box. He had to carry a brown lunch bag and now he wanted a lunch box. A Spider Man man lunch box at that! It was worth the purchase just to see him carry it to school. He couldn't wait to pack his lunch when we got home.
The next day, he left with a heavy book bag and the Spider Man lunch box. He looked just as cute as he did twelve years ago on his first day of kindergarten. Do little boys ever grow up?
My youngest set out for his first day as a freshman. A new school and he is excited. I'm sure before I know it I will be writing about him being "The Top Dog" at the school.

The years seem to just fly by. Take the time to enjoy the gifts God has given you. They grow up quickly!

" The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows. "


deborah said...

how sweet. he should meet my girl, she's a jounior, and she collects those tin boxes. she would get a kick out of him. oh and she is a drummer.

Amy said...

sherry...we are batman people over here : ) hope the boys enjoyed their first day of school. I still can't believe I have two in college.

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