Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Treasure for the first Twelve Months....

My good friend's daughter is having her first baby in February. I wanted to make a special gift for the "New Mother to Be". What to make? After trying to come op with an idea, I had run across a blog that I really enjoy. Bloggin' With Bobbie. I saw a post about a Christmas book she made, The 25 Days of Christmas. I thought why not change the idea into "Baby's first 12 months". I went on Bobbie blog a few days after I finished my book, and she posted a baby's first year book. Boy, I wish she would have made that first, it would have really helped me out! Well let me share my creation with you.
The inside cover had a place to record the height and weight of the baby for the upcoming 1st year. Each page of the book was decorated and then a special photo from the month could be added by the parents.
I added a half page for each month, so that the new parents could journal about their bundle of joy.
The colors of paper I chose, matched the bedding and decorations that were in the nursery.

Little pockets were added to the pages so special things could be tucked away and cherished for years to come.

The new parents to be, do not know if their new arrival is a girl or boy. I didn't use a lot of blue or pink, just fun primary colors...

I love using silk flowers as embellishments. Go to Michaels Crafts and purchase an entire stem of a silk flower and then tear the petals apart. This is much cheaper than going to the scarpbooking store and buying individual petals to use. Try this idea next time you have a project.

Here's another tip....Try the dollar store for embellishments. Many of them have a wonderful selection of scarbooking embellishments.

Finally the back cover.... I hope this is a book that will hold CHERISHED memories.
When I finished this gift I was really happy with the outcome. The "New Mom to BE" was excited to get it at the shower. It truly was a "Creation From My Heart'. The next baby shower invitation you receive, think about making a book that will become a treasure to enjoy over the years.

Even before the STARS Lit up the sky, YOU had a place In the heart of GOD…

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Flirty Holiday Arpon....

Where has the month of November gone? This week right after Thanksgiving the Christmas decor will be coming out. It's hard to believe. I have been swamped. I got a job decorating a house for Christmas. My client is having a Christmas party for her husband's business in a few weeks. I was there all day today and will continue tomorrow. Can't wait to share the photos with you this week. I love doing it and the customer is very happy. Well today was the deadline for the Flirty Apron Swap. I just made it. Here's my apron that I sent my partner. I had originally thought I would keep it, but it's off in the mail.
I added this embellishment on the pocket, which can be removed. Just a little Yo-Yo with some tulle and an old button. The pocket needed a little something.
The red fabric had an embossed gold swirl pring. I cut the ties extra long and wide. Now it has a great BIG bow. I just love BIG bows on my aprons. Don't you? Well I hope my partner enjoys wearing it for the holidays.
Sometimes this time of year gets so busy. It's nice to take the time to enjoy the things we love to do. For me that is always working on some type of "Creation From My Heart".

Monday, November 17, 2008

Please Let Me Know Which One You Like...

I am going to be opening up my ETSY shop this week. Just getting a few details taken care of. I have gone back and forth trying to decide which button I like better. Then I thought...."Who else to ask but you? You come and visit my blog". I want the buttons to pop out on the page, so that you see the ETSY Shop. So which one do you like better, the button that is pictured right above this post or the button on the side of my blog with the apron. I love aprons, but I also love bows and it's PINK my favorite color. I need to let Michelle at Shabby Creations know what to do. I have met so many wonderful bloggers who I now consider friends that I would like you to help me out. Please leave a comment letting me know which one you like better.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Fairy Christmas

Friday was the big fundraiser for the organization I volunteer for. The name of the organization is, Macomb Charitable Foundation. "MCF" was started and is still run by a very good friend of mine, Shelly. It is a totally non-profit organization and 100% of the funds that are raised go directly to the organization. "MCF" is very dear to my heart. It services children and families in need. Here in Michigan the economy is not doing well, every day it seems as if the media has more bad news. My own family has been hit by the down turn in the economy. It breaks my heart to see many of the families that we service, living in shelters or hotels that can be rented week to week. The children are the real victims, and I truly love being able to just bring a bit of happiness into their lives. Christmas is a busy time with the organization. Over 300 children will be sponsored by families who will purchase the items that these children have put on their Christmas list. WHAT A BLESSING....
The theme for the fundraiser last night was "Starry...Starry...Nights", and it was a big success. I think there were about 250 women and we had a wonderful evening raising funds for a GREAT cause. I decorated a christmas tree, that was in the raffle. I"ll post some pictures tomorrow. There was a Christmas Boutique, which had wonderful things that were donated by many generous and caring people. I donated a few of my crafted items and I thought I would share one of them with you.
A Christmas Fairy Jar
I got the tutorial from from Dawn at the Feathered Nest. I embellished it a bit different, and changed it to have a Christmas theme. I love the little snow fakes with glitter on them, which surround the little girl holding a sign saying "Merry Christmas". It's amazing what you can do with some unused canning jars that I had in a box in my pantry. Brown spray paint, my favorite gold paint (I couldn't do a project without using that), grosgrain ribbon and old buttons finish off the vintage look.
A little fairy saying was added to a hang tag that I distressed and stamped with an ink pad. No gift is complete with out a matching gift bag. That is something that is my signature. Every "Creation From My Heart" has to have it's own gift bag. I think it makes the gift twice as special.
Well the fairy jar and other items were snatched up at the boutique and now they sit in someone home to be be enjoyed. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give from your heart, so that others can benefit from your talents. This Christmas season, take some time to help those less fortunate than yourself. The blessings that you will receive will be far greater than what you give! He who is kind to the poor lends to the LORD,
and he will reward him for what he has done.
Proverbs 19:17

Friday, November 14, 2008


My girlfriend is having a baby shower for her daughter next weekend. The theme is tea pots, "Baby is Brewing". My friend had asked me to help out decorating the tea pot. Well I had this sweet photo and wanted to do something with it.
Here's what I came up with. I just copied the photo and attached it to some chip board that I covered in scrapbooking paper. You know the drill by now, I used my favorite gold paint and then embellished it with ribbon, buttons and a silk flower.
After it was put finished I added one to each side of the tea pot. The tea pot is sitting on a glass cake plate which has a pretty ivory napkin placed on top of it. A bit of irresdecent shed and the centerpiece was complete. It's a busy day tomorrow. I have a fundraiser tomorrow evening for the an origanization I volunteer for. The origanization helps needy families and children. There are 250 women coming to the event. I am going to be decorating a tree while the guests watch before dinner. Once the tree is complete it is going to be auctioned off. The tree is going to have a snowman theme. I'll take some photos to share.... Happy moments, PRAISE God. Difficult moments, SEEK God. Quiet moments, WORSHIP God. Painful moments, TRUST God. Every moment, THANK God.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haute Handbag Submission

I sent this package off just in the nick of time. Somerset Studio Magizine was looking for handbag submissions for their special publication "Haute Handbag". The deadline for it to arrive is November 15th. My package should get there by Friday. Nothing like being last minute! Why is it that I always wait to the last minute. I think most creative people are like this. Always trying to fit one more thing into the day. I always like to add some type of embellishment to the outside of the package. A silk flower petal with a rhinestone gem was the finishing touch for this delivery. The postal workers always seem to enjoy when I bring my packages in. They are always curious as to what is in the box ...
I had started this purse last month for the "Mind Wide Open Contest". Once again that was last minute, and I wasn't happy with the purse handles and the embellsihments on the front of the handbag. Well with a few little changes, it was much more to my liking. I was happy with the finished product. Here is a photo showing some of the detail. I printed out the photo on some muslin and then attached it to the silk fabric used for the purse. I used a few types of yarn and made the trim that was used for the trim around the sides of the purse. I added handmade ribbon roses, and aroung the edge of the photo, I couched with the yarn. I love the vintage heart that hangs from the ribbon. The beaded trim was left over from a drapery treatement that I just recently completed. It was the perfect touch for this one of a kind "Creation From My Heart". "It is truly a creation when it come from the heart"

Friday, November 7, 2008

My aprons have a new home....

My aprons finally have a special place where they can be displayed. The laundry room renovation started with this simple purchase from a home accessory store. I was so excited when I found it. As I have mentioned, I love roosters and my decor in my laundry room is no exception. My apron hanger didn't actually look like this when I bought it. It was shiny silver, but with the quick spray of some brown paint and my favorite gold craft paint it is perfect.
The aprons are no longer shoved into a drawer. I can easily see them and grab the perfect accessory to my outfit as I begin my day. If you love aprons, you know that they are not just for practical use, they can enhance just about any outfit you are wearing.
I found a wallpaper that I really liked. I enjoy hanging wallpaper. I made the window treatment. It's a simple design but I really like it.
I did decide to glitz the window treatment up a bit. I added a beaded trim to the edge that twinkles when the sunshine comes beaming into the window. I figured if I had to do laundry, I might as well do it in style!
I also found a few rooster plates at the discount store and painted the plate rack to match my new apron hanger.
The key holder is perfect for me. My boys laugh at me daily as I run around asking if anyone has seen my keys! Hopefully this will solve the problem.
I headed over to JoAnn Fabrics and purchased a calico print to make covers for the laundry baskets. This is my room, so I wanted to be the perfect laundry room.
I gathered a few things from around the house, and made the topiary with the little birds nest. This is an easy project. I'm going to make one for my kitchen, and when I do, I'll show you how to do that. I had the photo frame which was bright gold. I figured while I had the can of spry paint out, I'd change that also. The frame was just what I needed for the photo of my two boys. I did purchase the metal canister from the clearance section. It was lime green. With a little bit of faux finishing, I got it to match the decor and now it is a container for my laundry soap. I like to take ordinary things and re purpose them. Now it looks nice and no one knows that there is laundry detergent inside! Well, now you know....
I had the sign in another location in the house. I wanted it to be where people would see it. For me, BELIEVING in Jesus Christ is such an important part of my life. Every time I walk into the room I am reminded of my faith.
My husband built the long counter so that I have a spot to fold clothes. He is a very handy guy.
Here's the best part. He made these hidden laundry bins. Can you tell where they are? Now look again. Isn't he cleaver! We make the perfect pair. I just come up with the ideas and he can make them happen. Well the project did not get completed in a weekend. It was something we worked on over several months, but it is worth it. Laundry may not be one of my favorite things to do, but having a room like this sure does make the job easier! If you have a drawer full of aprons, dig them out and find somewhere to display them. You never know what type of renovation that may lead to. "May you experience JOY in the smiple things in life..."

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