Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My New Cable TV Show..."Fancy That"

I've been busting at the seams to share the news with you, but I had to wait until it was official.  My first episode of  "Fancy That" is now running on our local cable TV station.  It's been in the works for awhile, but after some delays it's now on the air.  I didn't even know that it aired, until I got a phone call from a friend asking for my autograph.  I asked "for what"?   She told me that while she was preparing dinner with her husband,  my face popped up on the TV!  What a HOOT.    Each monthI will be filming a new episode.  It's quite a production. The first episode took about 4 hours to film.  Partly because I didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.  This episode of "Fancy That"  is about taking an ordinary lampshade and making it into something extra-ordinary. 
Grab a cup a coffee and watch how easy it is to create a one of a kind lampshade...

Fancy That Episode #1 from Shelby Tv on Vimeo.
(to play double click on arrow to the left.  If you would like to enlarge to full screen, click on the box with arrows in the corners to the far right)

Well after watching , I hope you will take one of your lampshades and  give it a whole new style.

Here's some photos of the finished lampshade.

I just love the fabric patterns as the light shines through the shade.  After I finished the lampshade and took some photos, I had wished that I had done the lampshade for myself.  The colors are perfect for my room.  I think I have enough fabric to do one for me...
I'll put that on my list of projects to do!

The center fabric I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  It was the perfect color for my client's bedroom.  I had recently made the window treatments and bedding for her master bedroom.  I just happened to mention that the lampshade could use a bit of embellishing.  Then I got an idea...Why not recover her lampshade for my fist show?
Great idea.... "Fancy That" !

Here's the other patterned fabric.  It is a wonderful gold tone on tone.

The gimp trim and the scalloped trim were found at Jo Ann Fabrics.  A bargain at 50%  off.  I had to special order the beaded trim from one of my vendors.

I think every lamp in my house has a style of beaded trim.  I love the way it looks when the lights hit it.  It just adds a bit of bling and glamor. 

I hope you enjoyed the video and learned a few tips.  Don't be nervous to try and recover one of your lampshades.  It's easy to do and once your done, you'll be hooked! 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Creative Tablescape....

It's good to be back.  Three weeks ago the unthinkable happened.  My computer CRASHED!  All my photos and files for my blog posts are locked somewhere in my computer.  The Geek Squad has had my computer and have been unable to pull up my hard drive, so I have resorted to using another computer and I am back to posting.  I have lots to share with  you.  Some exciting things have been happening which I will share with you later in the week.  Today I'm joining in on "Table Top Tuesday".  I am a nut about hiding cords.  I can't stand to see them.  So I thought I would share with you my hallway table and how I concealed the cord from the lamp which sits on top of the table.

Here's the table before I started to add the accessories...

I knew I wanted a lamp on the table. When I was selecting a table to purchase, I wanted a table with a shelf on the bottom.  This would allow me to be able to add items to the shelf  which would help to conceal the cord from the lamp.  I added these wonderful containers with the bird on the top.  First step was to try and hide the outlet.

Next was to add a couple of old books I pick up at the thrift store.  I always look for black and brown books. These will allow me to stack items on top of them.

I had a  iron container, I had picked up on vacation last year.  I added some ivy, berries and  twigs to the container and it filled the area perfectly.  Next I used a round frame and printed off the letter "B" on  some scrap booking paper.  Last I added the large bird.    Before I started to work on concealing the cord, I added some treasured items I have collected to the top of the table.  Now, it was time to try and conceal the cord from the lamp.

I covered the part of the cord that would hang down below the table with a  matching piece of wallpaper from the hallway.  That way it would blend into the wall. ( Did I mention that I hate seeing cords?)

Take a close look, the lamp is now on the table and the cord is not that noticeable.  It blends in with the wall and with all the items on the shelf you can barely see it.

Here's and even closer look..

I adjusted the decorative containers to conceal the cord even more...  I can get kinda picky at times!

Here is what I have for the tablescape....

These are one of my frames that I make.  I love the words.  What a reminder.


Isn't she sweet?  I added some of my favorite beaded garland.

This little candle was a gift from a dear friend who is just so thoughtful!  I love the simple word....

Hope you enjoyed the tablescape. Stop by My Romatic Home to see some of the wonderful Friday Links....

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