Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Graduation Boards For My Youngest....

 I really missed blogging, so much has been going on.
One of the BIG events this past summer
 was my youngest son's graduation party.
Getting the house ready inside and out was a lot of work!
In a future post I'll share with you the centerpieces.

For now, I'm going to share with you 
the graduation memory boards I created.
The party had a baseball theme....

Since baseball has been such a big part of my son's life 
and our families life,
I thought the baseball theme would be perfect!
During this past season, my son was lucky enough to have his name in the headline of the local paper.  
 I made a copy of the article. 
 I incorporated this into the memory board.

If you are planning a memory board use any awards or metals
that the graduate has gotten.  
I used the metal from the district playoffs.

I hot glued on a baseball bat and a special home run baseball.

The ideas are endless. ..

Does your son play hockey?? Use a hockey stick and puck.
Golf??   A golf club and golf ball.
A Chess player??  A chess board with the chess pieces.

I used all 5"x7" photos.
This made a bigger impact.

 All the photos were double matted.
One of the mats was a silver glittered paper.

Here's a cost savings tip....
I purchased glittered wrapping paper from Michaels.
I used this to mat the photos.  
It was cheaper than glittered scrapbook paper.

I found this scrapbook paper at a local scrapbooking store.
It had the school name printed on it.

I also photo copied the newspaper article 
with my son signing the papers for him to play college baseball. 
It was a special day and my Mother in Law was in the photo.
It was a way for my Mother in Law to be at the party.
(She passed away this summer one month before the party)
 She was my son's #1 Fan 

Along the bottom of the board 
I used a sequence of pitching photos.
I liked the way this looked. 

I also added a sequence of batting photos...

 This is the second board I did...

If you want to learn how to make this board
Head on over HERE to my Etsy shop.

School age photos from Kindergarten through high school.

I used a stamp to add the words
"Putting My Stamp on the World"...

It amazing how quickly the years go by...

If you have a child or someone special graduating
start planning now to make a graduation memory board.

Stop back again.
I'll be sharing more creations with you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's a Girl To Do?

Have you ever looked in your closet and said...
"I don't have anything to wear?"

Yep, that was me a few weeks ago.
I had a fundraiser to go to.
the invitation read... 
Wear your best "Tropical Attire".

So, the day of the party I decided to  quickly sew a dress!
What was I thinking???

It was almost 11:00 a.m the day of the party.

 When my husband heard me say,
I was going to "quickly"sew something
he reminded me lectured me,
that we had to be "in the car at 4:30 p.m.!"

The clock was ticking!!!!!

I had picked out this fabric at a recent
"JoAnn Fabrics shopping excursion" with me good friend Amy.

Looking through my patterns,
I found this pattern.
 I had been saving the pattern to make a sun dress
for my youngest son's high school graduation party this summer.

I figured this style would be perfect for the
"Tropical Affair".

I decided to change the shoulder straps
and use the ones found in this view.

A little bit more coverage.
It's still cool here in Michigan
and I haven't gotten my summer tan.

As always it took longer than I had anticipated!

As I frantically worked on the dress,
my husband kept coming in the sewing room,
 reminding me of the "count down" on the clock.

At one point we both burst out laughing! 
 He knows when I get these
 "hair brained ideas"
I get totally FRAZZLED!

Can you relate to this?????  
Well here's the dress....

I had a necklace that was the perfect accessory.

The bodice had some pleating at the bust. 
 Getting all the pleats to perfectly line up caused me a bit of grief!

Why is it that when I see other bloggers take photos of themselves,
they come out so much better?

Loved the pocket detail that this pattern had.

The fundraiser was lots of fun.
Next time I think I'll look in my closet ahead of time,
so I'm not saying...

"I don't have a thing to wear!"

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Dress up a Water Bottle

A few months ago I had a surprise party for my good friend AMY.
I wanted to make the party EXTRA special.
Sometimes it's the little details,
that make a difference.

So...why not dress up the water bottles.

I headed over to Michaels to get the supplies.
All I needed was some pretty wrapping paper,
a paper punch and clear WIDE tape.

Here's what I got.

I used Microsoft Publisher to make the labels.
I am NOT a computer wizard.
I'm sure many of you could do a much better job.

Once my "very simple" labels were printed,
I cut them out with the scalloped punch.

I cut strips of wrapping paper,
long enough to go around the bottle.

Next step... glue the decal to the strip of wrapping paper.
Almost done.....

Now attach the paper to the bottles.
I was planning on putting the water bottles
 in a decorative tub with ice.
I knew the paper would get wet and the printer ink would run.

The internet is a WONDERFUL thing.

Using  the clear tape made the job easy!

Next time you're having a party,
think about dressing up the watter bottles.

It's all in the DETAILS!

I'm starting to plan a graduation party.
Stop by to see my graduation party ideas
here at my Pinterest Board.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Africa Dresses for Little Girls

How can one pillowcase touch a life in Africa?

It’s simple,
cloth a little girl in a dress made from that simple pillowcase.

That’s exactly what my Friday morning bible study decided to do!

Last Friday afternoon we spent the afternoon sewing some dresses.
Here’s some of the dresses….

We used pillowcases for some of them
and the others were made from my “Fabric Stash”.

There were four of us
 and in that one afternoon we completed 8 dresses.

This one was a pillowcase I purchased at an estate sale.

Love the contast bottom fabric!

The pattern is SIMPLE.
HERE it is.

My Friends do not sew.
 I showed them what to do and THEY DID IT!

Bias tape is used for the cute bow ties at the shoulders.

I loved this pillowcase that I found at the Salvation Army.

I cut the bottom off of the pillowcase
and added it to some  of my “Stash Fabric”.

The appliqu├ęs were hand sewn onto the pillowcase.

It was a great buy for $1.50!

All the dresses are ready to be shipped.

My hopes are that these little girls
will wear the dresses and know
 that there are people they will never meet,
 who care about them.

Last Friday was a PERFECT day for me.

We studied God’s Word and then put His Word into practice…

Would you like to bring a smile to a little girls face.

Here’s more information on
 “Dresses for Little Girls in Africa”.

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