Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Invitations Have Been Mailed Out....

The guest list has been growing. The party is getting closer, three weeks away. There are so many last minute details to finish, or should I say start. The invitations went out. They were exactly what I had in mind. I knew what I wanted the invitations to look like. I gave my good friend a photo and she was able to print out the photo. Didn't she do a great job? I added the black cover, ribbon and seal to enclose the photo. I even had the chance to use my favorite gold paint to embellish the invitation and the envelope. Here's what the outside of the invitation.....
The invitation was closed with a seal...
(click to enlarge)
Can you see how Brandon's name is done in white under his name in black?
Today was graduation. I took plenty of photos which I will share with you this week. The company has just left and I have finished washing the dishes. I am going to relax, and reflect on all the blessing of the day.
“Train up a CHILD in the way he should go.
Even when he is old he shall not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Birthday For Pink Saturday

It's a 1st Birthday celebration for PINK SATURDAY. Lots of posts about the color PINK. Come on and visit. I have been busy with the graduation and getting the outside of the house ready for the party. I have bought lots of (guess what color?) PINK flowers and this weekend I am going to be doing lots of planting. I am praying that the rain holds off so that I can complete everything on my to do list. My favorite part of spring is when my two lilac trees bloom. They are so fragrant and the PINK color is just beautiful.
Lots of flats of PINK flowers to plant so I am off to get started .....
This week has been filled with memories and many blessings. You can read all about it in the post below. Enjoy your weekend, I know I will. Tomorrow my little boy is graduating from high school!

A week of Wonderful Memories....

What a wonderful week it has been. One of the things I truly enjoy about being a mom is making every event something special and making memories to last forever. So, I started the week with a count down... Brandon my oldest, who is graduating this Sunday came down for breakfast Tuesday morning and this is what he saw....

It has now become a tradition to make a special sign when there is a milestone in the boys lives. Well GRADUATION is certainly a special event. Brandon had a big smile when he came down the stairs and saw the sign. So the count down began with 4 days left of school, then 3 days....

2 days left....
Oh my gosh...It's here. My young boy is graduating. His last day of school! I pulled out the photo of his first day of school and shared it with him. We both smiled and then off he went for the last time!
I made a quick stop at the dollar store yesterday and bought some special markers so he could decorate the car. Had to bring out the camera and capture the moment.
The school year couldn't have ended any better. Brandon has been a golfer on the varsity team since he was a freshman. Last week the team was in the District playoffs. They took FIRST place which qualified them for the Regional playoffs this week. Yesterday their team finished in FIRST place! What a day. They have now qualified for the State playoffs, which will be next week. This is the first time in 4 years that they will be going. We are so excited.
My hubby and I walked all 18 holes watching every stroke that Brandon hit. I was beaming, we were so proud of him. He golfed a 77. If you golf, you know that is a pretty good score. For the overall tournment, he took an individual metal for 3rd place.
My heart pounded with each put he made. I prayed the entire 18 holes and God was listening. Last night I actually got on my knees and thanked HIM for the wonderful day that I knew He blessed us with.
It was a day to remember... My young boy...NOW a young man.
Photos and memories to treasure forever in my heart.
The week will be ending with the Graduation ceremony on Sunday and I am so excited for my son. A new chapter in his life, just waiting to begin. It has been a wonderful week of new memories and new beginnings.
I hope you are having a wonderful day. Take the time to enjoy all you have been blessed with.
A Son can a outgrew your lap, but never my heart.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A PINK Wreath...for PINK Saturday

It's PINK Saturday and Spring time in Michigan. The warmer weather has arrived and it has been beautiful this week. It's time to get the flower beds planted. Nothing says, "Welcome" more than a wonderful PINK wreath to greet your guests. I taught a wreath making class this week and we had lots of fun. It really doesn't seem like work to me. It's so much fun sharing with others and being able to create at the same time. I made sure I had on one of my PINK spring time aprons with matching PINK shoes with little flowers on them. Anything PINK and girly is the perfect outfit for me! Here is the completed wreath.
(click on photos to enlarge)
I always have a wreath on my front door. Spring and Summer are my favorite times of the year. All my flowers are different shades of PINK. I've purchased my flowers and I will be planting this weekend. I have so much to do before the graduation party on June 20th. Nothing like a party to help get done all those lingering house projects.
For an added bonus during the class, I made this set of door cans. I used the same flowers as the wreath. I originally made some for the fall, (check out my previous post HERE). You can hang these in many different places. I'm going to make some for my house before the party. Can't have to many PINK flowers for the summer!
What wonderful colors..... It's an easy project. Just use two 15 ounce cans, wrap with assorted decorative ribbon, a few buttons to hold on the ribbon handles and fill beautiful silk flowers. It's that easy! Make a set for yourself or give as a wonderful gift.
Check out "How Sweet the Sound", there are lots of other wonderful PINK ideas... Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the holiday and take some time to plant some PINK flowers....
"A garden is Heaven beneath our feet, as well as over our heads...."

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Sign Is Out For All To See...

The sign is out on the front lawn for all to see. Yes, my oldest son is graduating from high school and I can hardly believe it. The once little boy is now a young man whose 6'3" frame towers over me. All mothers remember that first day of kindergarten, holding tightly onto their little ones hand and walking them into their classroom. WOW... it seems it was yesterday. I can see it so vividly in my mind. As I write this I feel a tough at my heart, bringing to mind those cherished memories.
After selecting the perfect place to display the sign, I ran into the house and asked Brandon to take a photo. He stood proudly, wearing his favorite t-shirt (he will be attending The University of Michigan Dearborn) next year.
The count down is on. Only 7 days of school left and then I will be the mother of a high school grad! I better get to work today. Lots of things to get ready for the party. The centerpieces are complete and so are the invitations. I will share my creations with you next week. It's a beautiful day in Michigan today. Hope your day is sunny!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lots of Pink Aprons

Welcome... I am definitely HOOKED on the color PINK and APRONS. My hands have been busy creating this week. Lots and lots of aprons and guess what color they are PINK! Some aprons were gifts, others were orders that I had to fill, and some aprons are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing one of the aprons please contact me. I had to do a presentation this week to the church's Women's Ministry. They asked me to speak and do a demonstration on, "Decorating on a Dime". I truly enjoyed myself. It's funny when you do something you enjoy and share your talents with others it doesn't even seem like work! I demonstrated making a spring wreath and many other items, that I have shared with all of you. I wore my spring watermelon apron. It's one of my favorites. Here I am with the apron and my wreath....
Don't you just love the PINK & Black combo. This screams summer time fun!
I paired it with matching dish gloves. (apron and matching gloves for sale $50.00/set) The BIG PINK daisy and Lime Green rick rack add a sassy touch. This apron is just plain sweet and springy.... Lots and lots of PINK. Matching gloves for any domestic goddess. (apron and matching gloves $50.00/set)
The Pearls make the outfit.
Gotta love those BIG PINK tulip flowers! (Sold) Here's another PINK apron! (Sold) PINK & lots of Black polka dots.... (Sold) This apron I made for my mother for Mother's Day. I promised I would share this with you. She was delighted. She also loves PINK. The large PINK flower adds a wonderful girly touch. This is not PINK. A bright RED, White & Blue apron. Perfect for the summer holidays. Check out the matching gloves....
(Apron & matching gloves $50.00/set) Hope you enjoyed the aprons. There are lots of people who love the color PINK. Stop by "How Sweet the Sound", and check out what other PINK things people are talking about. You can also stop by "Hooked on Houses" to get a glimpse of what others are hooked on. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I know I will. My oldest is having his Baccalaureate church service for graduation on Sunday. I'll make sure I bring the camera! I still can't believe he's graduating.

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