Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beefing Up the Molding....

I've been SLOWLY working on the master bedroom transformation.

  So...... in the mean time I'm would love to share with you another project that  mainly my hubby completed.

Here's what the project looked like when we began.
The bathroom had nice dental molding,
 just not BEEFY enough for my liking.

Once my husband agreed to do the project for me, I quickly ran up to the wood working store to get the supplies.  I figured while he was in the mood to do the work I better get the wood, just in case he had second thoughts about doing the project.

I purchase a panel molding that was about 1" wide. He cut and mitered the corners and placed the piece of trim about 2.5" below the dental molding.  He used my handy dandy air compressor and staple gun to attach the molding to the drywall.

I then primed, painted and glazed the all the wood trim and the piece of drywall that was between the dental molding
 and the panel molding.

I love adding a glaze to dental molding. 
 The stain sticks to all the indentations of the wood
 and really adds a nice detail.

Now that's the look I wanted.
some nice BEEFY molding that didn't cost a fortune!

This was a very inexpensive project with a big transformation. The panel molding was much easier to do than the crown molding.  At  least that's what it seemed like to me.
  You'll have to ask my husband about that!
Maybe you also noticed the walls are different.  When we had the hardwood floors refinished, the old wall paper was damaged so I had to find a replacement paper.  Well, you know how that goes....
One thing lead into another and the powder room got an entire face lift.  I'll share that with you next week.

  As for now I better get working on the master bedroom transformation!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Chandi Ceiling Fan is up!

BYE...BYE... Old ceiling fan

Remember this photo from my previous post?

With the ceiling fan removed
and the wall and pan ceiling painted....

It's time to put the moldings up.

After finishing this project, I can understand why it would have been so expensive for a carpenter to do the project.  My handy man husband can do about any household project, but he was not crazy about mitering wood trim on the ceiling. 

Well...after a few "Pretty Please" he agreed to it!

He is a perfectionist.
The most difficult thing was to make sure all the molding were square.  It took about a week for all of us to be home at the same time.  My husband, two sons and myself  each had to hold up one side of the molding at the same time. 

That was not a Kodak moment!
  Every one's arms were getting tiered
 and the complaining was in full swing.

Are you wondering what the blue tape is all about?

 My husband had to mark where all the studs were
 so he could nail in the molding.

I added a ceiling medalion that I painted the same color as the moldings.  The color was one shade lighter than the ceiling. 
 After painting it I added a stain to it. 
 I'll share that with you in an up coming post.

 Are you ready to see the new chandelier ceiling fan?

Gotta have some bling with a chandelier.
Lets add the crystals....

 Here it is....

I love the way the light looks through the shades...

There's lots of crystals....

For now I'm going to enjoy my new ceiling fan
while I lay right here on the bed!

Later this week I'll share with you
the continued master bedroom makeover.

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