Monday, March 25, 2013

Lamp Makeover

Do You Remember
this bedroom canopy from  The Tea Castle display? 

Recently it was being donated to an auction for the 
Macomb Charitable Foundation.
I wanted to add a few accessories 
to be donated along with the canopy.

A cute girly lamp would be perfect.
Not wanting to spend much, and with a vision in mind, 
I headed to the thrift store!

Sometimes you're just lucky what you find...
and lucky I was!

Doesn't look like much but remember,
I had a vision in mind!

A lampshade for .99 cents and it was Pink.
Couldn't ask for better than that!

Can you see the price???
Yep, $2.99

The lamp got a quick makeover with some cream spray paint!

I searched through my stash for some trim.  
Found some pretty trim with pearls on it 
and  hot glued the trim to the lampshade.

 I added some pretty shimmer tulle and a BIG bow to the shade.  
Gotta love a glue gun, it makes things so quick & easy!

A little green and pink paint was added to the lamp.

And Here It Is....
My $3.98 Lamp transformation!

It was the perfect touch for the auction....

I'll be linking up to the following sites....


Mari said...

Wow your lamp turned out beautiful, shows what one can do for little money and lots of creativeness ;)


Linda said...

How beautiful! Great job on finding the lampshade and the work you did on it. Happy Easter.

Susan said...

Soooo pretty & you make it seem so easy! How I missed all your projects, makes me so inspired.


Anonymous said...

This first picture looks like something you might find in a little princess room. I love the colors together. I love the tutu skirt for the lamp.

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