Tuesday, August 5, 2008

An easy craft project for the garden...

During my recent vacation to Traverse City, Michigan, I spent the afternoon on a garden walk. One thing that caught my eye was a "Tea cup rain catcher". I asked the owner of the garden where she had found such a unique item for her garden. She told me she had received it as a gift. I looked it over and thought that this might be something I could make. When I got home last week I was off to the antique shop to look for some tea cups. I think I've mentioned that PINK is my favorite color, didn't I??? Well there it was a beautiful pink tea cup with roses. Roses are my favorite flower. The same vendor had another tea cup with the colors that my friend likes. So now I had the beginnings to my new craft project.
Next I headed to Home Depot to buy the copper pipe and fittings. With a little help from someone in the plumbing department, I had everything I need to begin crafting.
With the copper pipe cut and using some extra strong glue to attach the saucer to the tea cup, I was ready to display my new treasure in my garden. Now all my garden needs is a summer rain shower to put my rain catcher to good use! Isn't antique shopping great when you can find a creative use for an every day item.

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Emily said...

I'll have to show you this other idea I saw for using old tea cups for a covered cheese plate! I'll have my mom email it to you.

Rohit Singh said...

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