Monday, August 4, 2008

Ding..Dong..It's the doorbell.

The mailman had to ring the doorbell today. I know what that means, it's a package which is to large to fit in the mailbox. Whippie!!!! My apron arrived from the "Partner's Profile Apron Swap". My partner was Karen and she did a wonderful job. Most importantly it was PINK. Did I mention I love, love, love pink!
The apron was very girly. It was made out of a vintage sheet.The package included a vintage hankie and matching kitchen towels. My boys were laughing at me wondering how an apron could get me so excited. If you love aprons, you'll understand. Most of all I was happy that someone had used their talents to bless my day.
Can't wait to put it on this evening and fix dinner. Better yet, I'm going to wear it all day long!

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Amy said...

Hi Kiddo:
Love the's so YOU! Check you email soon and then call me. Doesn't that sound bossy!

Emily said...

I also loved the apron!! I like how she used a bed sheet!! I'm so glad that you and my mom got me started with this blog stuff - it's so much fun!

Rohit Singh said...

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