Sunday, September 12, 2010

Just A Slight Little change...

Don't you just hate when you forget to take a photo before you begin your project? 

My entire family thinks I have lost my mind, when I'm running around the house frantically looking for my camera.  It just doesn't have the same impact when there is no "Before" photo.

Well that's exactly what happened when I began this project. 
 I forgot to take the "Before Photo". 
Thankfully I had a photo from the furniture catalog of the item.

This is my kitchen table and chairs.  
 I loved them when I got them about 10 years ago.
Actually I still like the set, I just grew tired of the stained chairs.....

Then I spotted this photo in a catalog...
It got me thinking.  Sometimes that's dangerous!

  Maybe, just maybe I could paint the chairs black.
  Just a slight little change, that's all my chairs needed.
Off to the paint store.  I walked into the house with the can of paint and once again, my family thought I lost my mind.  My oldest just laughed and said, "Do you always have to have a project going?"

I guess the simple answer is YES!

I used oil paint and a brush.  This required a primer first and then two coats of paint.  If I did this all over again
(which will not be anytime soon)
I would spray the chairs.  Much easier and quicker. 

It was worth it..... I LOVE my chairs

I recovered the seats with a checked fabric
that has a hint of black in it.

It's amazing what a little black paint and some elbow grease can do!

It's amazing the inspiration that you can get from a photo.  That's what I love about all the wonderful blogs with such creativity.  It constantly gives me ideas of things to create.  If only I had more time.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing how a slight change can make such a big difference. Stop by DIY Showoff for a wonderful  Delta Faucet Giveaway.


Jo said...

Very nice - gave it a fresh new look!I'm always a mazed what paint can do.

Madam Butterfly said...

Thank you for sharing such a good idea! I made an old bench looking brand new a couple of weeks ago. I washed my about 10 year garden bench with pressure washer. After sanding, then two coats of stain, a couple of coats of varnish and new pillows, it looks like new!

Sueann said...

Great inspiration! Your chairs look awesome. Love the fabric!!

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

THe chair look great black, Sherry! You got a whole new look for just a little paint. I love the fabric for the seat, too. I love when I look through a magazine or catalog and get an idea for something I already have {especially if I've been waiting for inspiration to hit about a changing a particular thing}.

Lori @ Katies Rose Cottage Designs said...

Sherry ~
That came out so beautiful !
I love the chairs in black
and I love the fabric that
you picked out !


Christa @ Stories of a House said...

The look amazing! I think you'll be happy that you used the oil based paint in the long run. Love the checked fabric.

Tracy F. said...

What a wonderful transformation! I love it!

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

The chairs came out great!!! What a difference. Love the fabric you chose!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

WOW! What a total transformation! They went from a little dated to totally current. Great job!

Becca Bertotti said...

Hey there, Sherry ... I'm visiting you from It's So Very Cheri. Your chairs turned out beautifully !! I love the transformation and admire the patience it must've taken to do such a fabulous makeover! I'm debating on painting my dining room chairs ... thanks for the inspiration! Take care, Becca@AdventuresinDecorating

Anonymous said... you've got me thinking, lol...looks great! May I ask where you got the glass table top to protect you table?

Heaven's Walk said...

Hi Sherry! Happy Met Monday! Wow - what a great transformation! Lovce the black with the checks! I'm with you on all that creativity out there in blogland! I always say that it's almost like looking at design/decor mags every time I start surfing.... :) What in the world did we ever do w/out blogs....?? lol!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Unknown said...

I love a great table re-do! My hubby and I did our two years ago. Your chairs are almost identical to mine, black and all. Your table look fab. well done! Jen

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

Beautiful update to your set. I like your choice of fabric too!

Sharlotte said...

Hi Sherry!
I really like your "new" chairs. The black is so pretty...and looks great with the scrolled metal of the table. Your choice of fabric for the seats is perfect as well. What a gorgeous set! Thanks for sharing!

Maryann @ Domestically-Speaking said...

Great example of a paint transformation.

The Decorative Dreamer said...

Very pretty! Fabulous chairs and they look even better in black. I love your checked fabric too!

Anonymous said...

Now those chairs are stunning!! I love, love, love the transformation.

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

PERFECT!! LOVE the black and I am crazy for checks so I love the fabric you covered the seats in!

This is beautiful!

Great transformation...

Lou Cinda :)

Vanessa said...

Hi! I LOVE what you did with your table and chairs! Just beautiful! I love your blog and just became a new follower!

Donene said...

OH, This looks fabulous. You did a fantastic job!

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Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Gorgeous re-do on the chairs! I love them painted~ great job! Found you over at bnotp~ stop by and say hello sometime! :)

Unknown said...

Terrific makeover! Love the chairs! Thanks so much for joining us this week!

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