Monday, September 7, 2009

What a Wonderful Birthday Celebration.....

What can be more fun than celebrating your birthday one month after your birthday? My good friend Amy and I got together last week to celebrate my birthday which was in July. We have been friends for over 20 years and it's always an enjoyable evening when the two of us meet. She is my one friend who enjoys crafting and sewing as much as I do. One of our "hot spots" to meet is Joann Fabrics, but last week we met for dinner for the celebration. When I arrived at the restaurant Amy was seated right next to the fireplace (she knows that is my favorite table). The table looked like Santa had just arrived and left his bag full of goodies. So let me share with you what she had for me...
As you know I love aprons and Amy got me "The Perfect Apron" book. I'll share some photos with you during a later post. There are so many wonderful aprons pictured in this book.
I also love roosters and sewing so what could be more perfect than a rooster pincushion. Look at these wonderful pins that she made and the cute orange pom pom trim...

This is the cutest little apron. I have it displayed on an empty wine bottle. Someday when my sewing/crafting room is complete it will have a special home. It took Amy quite sometime to make this. It has so much detail. It was like sewing an apron for a Barbie doll. Her workmanship was just wonderful.

This little bookmark was part of the handmade card that my sweet friend made for me. I now have it marking a page in the current book I am reading. What a sweet way to be reminded of a dear friendship.

In addition to these gifts she got me a bike basket for my bike. I've been riding my bike and mentioned that I wanted to ride my bike to the grocery store. That's a true friend, she was listening to me and went and got me a basket that attaches to my bike to place groceries in. There was also a cozy pair of slippers. Only a friend of twenty years would know I love to wear slippers when I am at home. My life has been blessed with special friendships. What could be more wonderful. Hope your day is filled with happiness...


Rebecca @ Belle Blog said...

glad I found your blog. I am joining your followers. Your home is really so beautiful. WOW!! It looks like a magazine photo. I was looking through some of your older posts. Your roosters are adorable and let me tell you your autumn porch is the best!!
I will be back often!!
♥ Rebecca

JAN said...

Amy is the best. You are so lucky to be close to her. I was lucky to have a great evening with her and my other sewing friends while I was there visitng. I miss them all so much. What lovely presents.

I promised Amy I would quit being a "lurker".

Amy said...

Sherry...I've been away so long from the computer. I'll explain soon. I'm so glad you liked your birthday bash...sorry about the basket :(

I'll call soon. I bet you're busy with school back in session.


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