Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fifty Years of Bliss...

A dear friend of mine was hosting a fifth wedding anniversary party for her aunt and uncle. She called me an asked me to try to create a centerpiece that would capture the love that they shared. She already had the main part of the centerpiece and I need to do the creative embellishing. I asked her for a photo from their wedding. After making copies of the photo, I distressed it and painted it with my favorite gold paint. The photo was attached to a piece of card stock that was covered with a decorative paper. Now the fun part of adding all the extras.... buttons, ribbons, rhinestones and a little saying about "Forever". Here's it is finished.
One down only 40 left to make!

The pot was just your average green growers pot. I first sprayed it with dark brown spray paint, then lightly sprayed it black. I enhanced it with the gold paint and tore scrapbooking paper into strips. I painted the torn edge of the paper with my paint and glued the paper to the pot. I once again used the "Forever" saying which I had distressed. Now the ordinary pot looked as if it was custom made.

The ivy topiary was real. There were twenty of them. The pictures were placed on both sides so that they could be seen by all the guests sitting at the table. I arranged ivory ribbon that was embossed with gold. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you will also see that I added silk hydrangea petals that had rhinestones in the center of the petal.

Next time you're throwing a party, think of someway you can create a one of a kind centerpiece . Try incorporating a photo from the past. Life flies by so quickly, and the road takes many turns. It's wonderful to be able to see a memory that has been a part of our past. Then the centerpiece you created will truly be "A Creation From The Heart".... LOVE beers up under anything and Everything that comes, is ever ready to BELIEVE The best of every person, its HOPES are fadeless Under all circumstances, and it ENDURES everything. 1 Corinthians 13:7


Suzann said...

simply lovely.

Anonymous said...

You did a fabulous job on it! What a great idea for an ordinary garden pot! Looks great!!!

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