Sunday, October 26, 2008

Give Thanks for Friends....

I got a wonderful gift from a friend yesterday. I had a craft class that Shannon attended. She brought me the holiday banner for my fireplace. I had commented on the banner I had seen in a photo of her house. What a Sweetie!!! She went and got me one, just like hers. I couldn't wait to come home and add it to my mantel decor.
I just love the colors and the saying... GIVE THANKS!! I added a few gold buttons on each letter of the banner. I don't know what it is, I always have to embellish everything.
The world of blogging can be so much fun. I met Shannon from my Apron group, "Apronista". We were partners in an apron swap which consisted of people all over the country. As God would have it, we were paired up. She only lives about 45 minutes from me! Instead of having my apron arrive via U.S. Postal service, Shannon hand delivered it to my house. Imagine my surprise! Since then we have gotten to know each other and that is something that I will
"GIVE THANKS" for. How beautiful A day can be when FRIENDSHIP touches it.


Suzann said...

It's absolutely wonderful. The colors, the saying, and the place you chose to hang it. All perfect.

Amy said...

Sherry- You never cease to amaze me. I think you really give Martha a run for her money. I haven't been blogging lately, so I was behind on a few of your posts... I click on to see that you make shadow boxes AND decorate cakes...just for fun as a creation from your heart. I noticed the time stamp on the cake photo was 12-29... THAT IS MY BIRTHDAY! I will just pretend that was my birthday cake. haha! I think anyone who is lucky enough to be able to call you friend is very blessed. You create such beautiful things for people. You inspire me... YOU'RE MY IDOL!

The Teacup Cottage said...

What a wonderful surprise to find a friend in such a way. I have a few friends from my Yahoo stitch group that I've found through swaps and exchanges who have offered a great deal of support to me during my husband's various deployments.
The banner is beautiful and I am already wondering how I can create one for our house. I figure, why buy one when Icna raid my mother's fabric closet! It will be a fun project indeed.

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