Friday, October 24, 2008

Fifty Years of Blissful Love....

Today I got to create a one of a kind gift for a dear friend's parents. It is their Golden Anniversary. Fifty Years of wedded bliss. My husband and I know the "Newlyweds". They are a wonderful couple who we have been blessed, to get to know. So it was my pleasure to create a keepsake that would capture a treasured moment in time. I was given a single photograph of the blissful day Fifty years ago, and asked to use this as part of my creation. What a sweet picture. Time passing by quickly... having children who are now grown....Grandchildren who will soon be having little ones of their own... where has the time flown....What abundant blessings that God has given them over the last fifty years.
What would I make???
Well, I started off with copying the photo. I crinkled it and distressed it. Then added my favorite Venetian Gold paint. Once done, I mounted it to some cardboard that I covered in a printed scrap booking paper. A little more gold paint and I had the beginning of the creation.
With the picture in hand, I headed off to Michaels Crafts. I was in search for the perfect frame. I saw it on the shelf. It was exactly what I was looking for. It was a "beefy" frame, not petite. I also liked that is was deep. My plan was to remove the glass and the cardboard behind the glass. Once I did it, it gave me an inset of about 1" deep so I could use it like a shadow box.
Once home, I got out the old buttons, some wonderful ribbon I had saved for something special and an antique key I had just purchased as the flee market last weekend! I mounted some printed paper on black matte board and added a few more gold highlights. The picture of the anniversary couple was then mounted and embellished with all the little treasures.
The word "Forever" was added. What a perfect word for fifty years of wedded bliss. I loved making this for my friend. It's wonderful to have the opportuntiy to share your creativity with others and be able to give them something that will become a treasure.
This project was truly was "A Creation From My Heart"... "You don’t marry Someone you Can live with. You marry The person Who you cannot Live without".


Suzann said...

This is the most beautiful anniversary gift I have ever seen. I don't know where you came up with this amazing idea, but it's wonderful. I only wish I had a wedding photo to do this with. I could do it for my parents though. A beautiful treasure!

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