Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine Gift For the Hubby

...Happy Valentines Day..
Last night I started a gift for my sweetheart kinda late.
I wanted to make him something.
What better than a sweet treat!

His favorite candy is this...

I headed over to the grocery store
to stock up on some bite size candy bars
 and 10 large candy bars.
Luckly I had all the other supplies on hand!

First I filled the emply vase with the bite size candy bars. 
23 of them. 
It would have been 24,  but I also like Almond Joys
so one never made it into the vase!!!

Next step...
Cut a piece of floral foam to fit into the neck of the vase.

I used an empty soup can for the proper size.

Place the styrofoam
 in the center of some mylar sheets of paper and then
push cram it into the neck of the vase.

I taped wooden sticks to the back of the candy bars
and stuck them in the styrofoam.

Next add a pretty bow.

I made a card with a saying  that had the word
in it!

Get it...  Almond JOY???

Now what guy wouldn't want a bouquet of candy bars????

I dropped them off at his office today. 
I left before he saw me.
It was a HIT at the office.
Everyone got to enjoy his tasty gift.

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Sueann said...

Great idea!! So cute

Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

Great idea, Sherry! I love this and I love Almond Joys {Mounds, too}. I'll bet he was thrilled!

Rhiannon said...

that is so very sweet!!!

Denise Marie said... totally rocked it!

Kim said...

Hi Sherry! I love what you did with those yummy chocolates! My problem is I would eat the whole arrangement! I just discovered your wonderful blog and I'm happily following along. You have great taste!

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