Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Somthing for the Garden...

Need a "Thank You" gift for someone special?
Why not give them a gift for their garden....

In my life I have been blessed with a handful of friends who
are always doing "Something Special" for me.

Friends that don't wait for you to ask, they just offer.
Do you know the type of friend I am talking about?

My Friend Sharon is one of  those friends.
She has really blessed me my offering to help me
 with my bedroom makeover.
I decided to paint all the furniture rather than buy new furniture.
Painting is her talent.
She recently helped me
and I wanted to let her know
 how much I appreciated her help.

I decided to make her a piece of garden art....

I have quite a stash
 of glass pieces I have collected to make my little treasures.

Wine Decanters....
and Votive Holders
were all used to create this garden art.

In addition to the glass garden art
I decided to put together a basket filled with little gifts...

I wrapped it with a pretty plaid ribbon bow and it was complete!

I made a frame with a special saying about "Friends". 
 The frame had a pretty ribbon on it.
  In the center of the ribbon I used something special.

Awhile back, Sharon had given me a bunch of cameos
 her mother-in-law had hand painted.
At the time she gave them to me, she said,
"I know you will put them to good use".

One of these cameos was the perfect thing to add to the frame.

Here's a closer look at the cameo.

I hand delivered the gift.
When she saw the piece of Garden Art
she knew exactly where she would put it.

Right by her RED front door!

It warms my heart to see it displayed in her garden.

Life has many blessings.
One of those blessings are wonderful friends!

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Patricia @ 9th and Denver said...

I love the garden art...how uniquely gorgeous!
I have beer bottles that have been given to me and some wine bottles of my own, along with some colored glass vases and clear bottles...I want a 'bottle tree' in my yard. Not everyone is convinced, however, of the uniqueness and gorgeousness of THAT idea! lol...
~still collecting colored glass, Pat

Today's Adventure said...

Fantastic! Will you give us a "How To", especially what you used to put the pieces together, please?

Marilyn said...

That is a glorious looking piece of art. I'd also like to know what you used as the glue to keep things together.♥♫

scrapfancy said...

You are so sweet to give back. I wish I had a friend to be so nice as the two of you both are. Enjoy

scrapfancy said...

You are so sweet to give back. I wish I had a friend to be so nice as the two of you both are. Enjoy

sharon said...

I'm the happy gal who has Sherry's glass garden art near my front door.
I've just got to chime in and tell you that it's Sherry who is that 'special friend' she speaks of. She gives and gives of herself - both her time and talents, not just to those she knows, but also to those she's never met, but whose needs are great.

Daily, she lives out the Bible verse you read in the title of her blog. I'm proud to call her friend.

Sueann said...

It is so beautiful! Love the red!!!
And perfect placement!!

foreverdecorating said...

I have made many of these and sell them in my booth. I love they way they glisten in the sun.

Marie said...

What a beautiful piece of art! I’d love if you’d come share this at my link party going on right now.


Curtains in My Tree said...

I love that yard art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i think I can get one together with my E-6000 glue but how do you get your stick to stay in the bottom piece????

great creation dear

and i need one of your friends LOL


Becky@Beyond The Picket Fence said...

What a sweet and beautiful gift--such a great pop of color! Thanks for sharing at Beyond the Picket Fence.

Bethany @ A Fish Who Likes Flowers said...

Such a sweet gift! It turned out beautiful - such a fun pop of color. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Beautiful. Who wouldn't love a gift like that. The red really makes it pop.

Judi said...

What a bright and happy piece of garden art! I think you did a wonderful job at both collecting and putting this together. I love it and I am sure your friend will love it too! Nice basket of goodies.
thank you for sharing and have a great day

Michelle said...

That is so sparkly and pretty -- I love it!

Creations By Cindy said...

Oh I am in love with this!!!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Summer said...

How do you keep the totems upright on the poles? I wouldlove to make one of these but afraid they could topple over, or slide off one way or another...

joycelising said...

I really want to learn to do some Glass Garden decorations. Thank you for sharing your creations.

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