Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More Graduation Creations....

I had grand plans for the party to create some wonderful graduation display boards. Being "down and out" the week of the party, unfortunately that did not happen. I wanted to share with you the only board that I had done early. I was pleased with with how it came out.
I took Brandon's graduation photo and enlarged it to an 8x10 on the copy machine. I then made a mat for the photo and used my gold craft paint to embellish it.
Before my son was in kindergarten I purchased a special book to store all his school pictures and report cards. I made a copy of each photo from kindergarten through eleventh grade.
I added more of his graduation photos along the bottom edge of the board.
Another one of my ideas for the party was the dessert table. Now, that is something that can't be done weeks ahead of time. I did make about 70 chocolate cups a few weeks prior. The day of the party they were to be filled with a chocolate moose. "I" (key word, I) was also planning on making 6 variety of gourmet cupcakes. 150 total! This is where some of my wonderful friends came to the rescue to help a sick friend. I laid on the couch and showed them what I wanted each variety of cupcake to look like and then they got to work. I couldn't have been happier and the guests loved them! My friend Amy made dozens of cookies for the party. All different kinds and each were delicious. She out did herself. She truly blessed me and the guests that day with her gift of baking.
(click on photos to enlarge and see all the yummy treats!)
The German chocolate cupcakes were a favorite with everyone.
More of Amy's wonderful cookies and some chocolate covered strawberries were sure to satisfy any sweet tooth!
The day of the party my friend Tracy was coming over to help decorate the tent. Well needless to say, she did not get any help from me. She brought her son, and they used rolls of gold and black plastic table covering to swag around the tent. There were lots of balloons on the posts. Due to the heat of the day they continued to pop!
Lights were added to add a wonderful glow in the evening.
I had seen this Good Humor cart at a gradution party last year. I wanted to rent it but the cost was $150.00 for the cart plus the cost for the ice cream. So what to do? I had an idea.
I went on the internet and looked up the logo for Good Humor. Here's what I found.
Off to Michaels Crafts to purchase some craft paint and white cardboard. I put the copy of the logo on my overhead projector and traced and then painted the logo.
My girlfriend had a cart on wheels for her patio which she was happy to let me use. I covered the front of the cart and added a beach umbrella. My cost for the ice cream cart, $5.50. The photo below of my son shows the cart in the background.
I may have been sick for the party, but I learned through out that week to let things go and just trust that it will work out. God has blessed me with many friends who came over to help me out. So many of the guests commented about what wonderful friends I had that came to help. I was truly touched by all their kindness. How beautiful A day can be when FRIENDSHIP touches it.


The Feathered Nest said...

Girl, you never cease to amaze me!!!! I'm just so, so sorry you were sick through all of the celebration. I'm just thankful you had some sweet friends to fill in for you. Everything was so special and shows your loving touch. I'm so proud of you, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Being published again!! But I'm not surprised...I know talent when I see it!!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Amy said...

Sherry...everything was so nice for the party. I need the recipe for the stuffed cabbage and the link to the cupcake ideas.

I think the board you made for Brandon was especially nice with all the school pictures. Sometime we'll have to sit down and look at all the pictures from the party.

My mom is coming home tomorrow (Friday).


Jewels said...

Oh how I wish I could have been there to help! It looked beautiful!! Dawn commented that you were published again . . . where and when?

jill said...

Hi there
Would u mind posting a pic of the cart or similar cart that you used for the good humor cart? I'd love to do something sillier :). Thanks so much!

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