Friday, January 23, 2009

What Are You Hooked On... And A Thank You Gift Sent Out...

Today over at Hooked on Houses, Julia is having her Friday discussion on what you are "Hooked On". Take a look at all the things that interest people. I had to say that lately I am hooked on making my pincushions. I am planning on having a Valentines Giveaway. I know the perfect little pincushion for the prize! Check back next week to put you name in the drawing.

I had a Dear Friend that I met through blogging that helped me out over Christmas. I finally got the little thank you together and mailed it off to her. It was so kind of someone I have never personally met, to take the time to help me out. I was truly touched by her kind actions. I think we have all met friends through blog land. Isn't it wonderful to get a comment or an email, with an encouraging or kind word. I treasure these things and the friendships I have made. Here's a sneak peak of what I sent off in the mail as a Thank You. The gift came from heart, just as her act of kindness did.

I made the card using a photo I got from Vintage Studio. Sharon has a wonderful blog. She was kind enough to post some photos that can be used for your personal sue. I thought it would be great as a little thank you card.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

A Friend Is a Precious giftFrom GOD.


My Vintage Studio said...

Lovely pin cushion! Glad you were able to use a vintage freebie! Hey, I am having another blog give away. Please check it out.
Hope you have a wonderful and safe weekend!
Cheers, Sharon

Stacey said...

That is adorable! I bet she will hate to unwrap it because it's all put together so well. :)

Amy said...

Cute pincushion. Are you using batting for the stuffing?

Talk to you soon I's been a long week in more ways than one. I'll explain.


Anonymous said...

How adorable! What a sweet thank you!

Unknown said...

Love the pin cushion! If only I could sew and had pins that needed cushioning!
Welcome to Project: Create a Home, I'm pleased to meet you!

Mr. king said...

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