Thursday, October 16, 2008

Everyone NEEDS a Halloween Apron....

You're never to old to wear a "costume" for Halloween.... O.K. maybe an apron doesn't qualify as a costume but I know what I'll be wearing when I pass out the treats to my little friends!
I think my neighbors think I've lost my mind. I had to bring "my friend" the mannequin out to take a photo with all my fall decorations. I thought it was the Perfect Kodak moment. My neighbors....well I'm sure they couldn't believe what I was up to.
The apron was quick and easy. It was a fabric panel that was designed to be a printed Halloween bag. I used the straps for the waistband and I embroidered the front of the bag onto some polka dot fabric. I just added the green band at the bottom and stitched the straps onto the green fabric. I love WIDE LONG ties on an apron. It makes for a wonderful bow!
Well you can see "my friend" likes to accessorise! She is wearing the double necklace and has the matching dish gloves which finishes off the apron with some pizazz! No costume is complete without matching gloves.
Don't ever think you are to old to dress up for Halloween. Sew yourself a quick apron and wear it when you pass out the TREATS THIS YEAR!
"When witches go riding,
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers,
tis near Halloween".


Suzann said...

Oh my! I almost squealed with delight over these photos. LOVE that apron and those gloves are just precious! Good think I'M not your neighbor or you'd be gussying up one of those for me. LOL. Actually, I want to wear an apron and gloves like that. Okay, I think it's time for me to break out the sewing machine!

StarKnits said...

i love your apron! it's sooo cute. if you were my neighbor i'd be over there to help you out not thinking you were crazy.

Mr. king said...

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