Friday, June 17, 2011

More Graduation Boards

I've had several orders for graduation boards the past few weeks. 
This mom had LOTS of photos (almost 60) she wanted displayed.
That was a challenge, but I was up for it!

Here's was I came up with....

I have a few tips for you to make your boards extra special.

Tip #1....
I cut mats for the extra special photos. 
I want them to POP off the board
when people first look at it.
Embellished them with a ribbon and button.
It adds a special touch to the frame.

This gentleman is attending Michigan State University next year.
 His mom gave me his acceptance letter
to incorporate onto the board.

I also matted the cute baby photo...

A ribbon, button and special saying was added to the photo.

Here's tip #2...
I find most of my saying on "".

Once you find a saying you like
 make a folder of different categories on your computer. 
I copy the saying and type it out using different fonts. 
Once I have it exactly how I want it, I save it to a file.
Next time I need that quote,
I just open up the file and it's ready to use.

I have folder for all different categories.
Mother, Father, Grandchildren, School, Friends, Pets, Love
 and many more....

Here's Tip #3...

This student had many awards.
Most awards are 8"x11"
 which takes up way to much room on the memory board. 
 Copy the award in color, reducing the size about 60%. 
 This works great!

Take a look at the National Honors Society Award.

It's also great for a student to get their name in the paper.
Use the same tip as the award and shrink it down.

Here's tip #4...

I double mat all my photos.
After I mat them, I distress them with metallic craft paint. 
 I use either silver or gold.
Just use a sponge and wipe it on.
This adds something special. 
 It's a bit of work to double mat the photos and add the paint
but it's well worth it!

Last tip but most IMPORTANT...

I attach all the photos to a large foam core board. 
It's extra sturdy. 
 I purchase them at Hobby Lobby. 
They carry extra large boards which can be easily cut down
with an X-ACTO blade to any size you  need.
After all my photos are matted,
 I then add small blocks of foam core
to the backs of some of the photos. 

 This helps to give the board a 3D effect.
Here's a side view...

Can you see the piece of foam core
behind the National Honor Society Award?

The young man's mom picked up the board this week. 
I had it displayed in my kitchen.
When she saw it she cried. 
 It was a good thing... 
 I knew she loved it!!!

If you are interested in making a one of a kind
graduation memory board and centerpiece
 I have a "HOW TO" video on my ETSY shop.
  Take a look HERE.
I'll be linking up to the following...


sharon said...

Hi Sherry,

This board is amazing! You've done it again!

All those pictures and awards are displayed beautifully. It's like a timeline of a son's life....and the years fly by so quickly. No wonder the Mom cried.

Loui♥ said...

I have to agree with Sharon!
What you've made is truly a creation from the heart..
no wonder Mom cried..
what a beautiful tribute to the achievements of a childhood while entering the door to adulthood!!
just beautiful beyond words!
how long does the entire process take?
warmest hugs!

ShabbyESP said...

What a sweet idea, I just love the board you made and I would have cried too!!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Amanda said...

What a great gift idea! :) I've featured this post on Craft Gossip here:

If you would like a "featured by" button, you can grab one here:

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! I've never seen such a creative/tactful/meaningful display like that at a graduation party before...usually just snapshots. I'm sure it meant so much to that mom!

Just hopping by from the Friday blog hop!

Lisa said...

Hi Sherry,
Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job on this board. I am in tears again!

Wenni Donna said...

These are amazing ideas. Thanks for this interesting share. I graduated last year and we too had blasting robot themed bash. It was organized by our juniors’ at the most suitable LA venue. The arrangements they did were superb. The ROBO cake was my most favorite part of that bash. Totally enjoyed this day!

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