Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What a Priceless Gift....

One of my friends from bible study gave me a wonderful gift. She was cleaning out some of her mother in law's belongings and ran across this pattern. When she ran across it, she just put it aside. After looking at my blog header she was reminded of the pattern. Can you believe it! It's the original pattern from years ago. The same one that is on my blog header!
Take a look....
The price is only ...40 cents. What a bargain. Actually there is a sticker over the price. It was marked up. The original price was 35 cents.
Thank you Tamara for blessing me with this priceless gift.
How beautiful A day can be when FRIENDSHIP touches it.


da Bergs said...

HOW cute is that??? I have really been into aprons lately! Make her one for Christmas! FUN!!!

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi Sherry! How sweet of her to think of you! It was just meant to be for you to have it wasn't it? I love how our blogs help us get to know each other ~ I hope you're doing great sweetie ~ xxoo, Dawn

beth at aunties said...

How thoughtful and it had your name written all over it! I like Dawn, love how our blogs help us get to know each other.

Have a blessed day!

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